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Pratapgarh is located in Uttar Pradesh
Location in Uttar Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 25°55′59″N 81°58′59″E / 25.933°N 81.983°E / 25.933; 81.983Coordinates: 25°55′59″N 81°58′59″E / 25.933°N 81.983°E / 25.933; 81.983
Country  India
State Uttar Pradesh
District Pratapgarh
Population (2001)
 • Total 12,339
 • Official Hindi
 • Local Awadhi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 230001
Telephone code 05342
Vehicle registration UP-72

Pratapgarh (Hindi: प्रतापगढ़), also called Bela, Bela Pratapgarh, Partapgarh or Partabgarh, is a city and nagar panchayat of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is the administrative headquarters of Pratapgarh district, part of the Allahabad Division. Pratapgarh is the birthplace of the national poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan.

History and etymology[edit]

Belha Devi Temple in Pratapgarh City

The district is named after its headquarters town Bela Pratapgarh, commonly known as Pratapgarh. Raja Pratap Singh, a local raja between 1628–1682, located his headquarters at Rampur near the old town of Aror. There he built a garh (fort) and called it Pratapgarh after himself. Subsequently, the area around the fort became known as Pratapgarh. When the district was constituted in 1858, its headquarters was established at Bela, which came to be known as Bela Pratapgarh, the name Bela presumably being derived from the temple of Bela Bhawani on the bank of river Sai. It is popularly known as "Bela Mai" – meaning mother goddess Bela.


Bakulahi River

Sai and the Ganges are the main rivers flowing through Pratapgarh district. The district lies between the parallels of 25°34′ and 26°11′ north latitude and between the meridians of 81°19′ and 82°27′ east longitude extending for some 110 kilometres (68 mi) from west to east. It is bounded on the north by the district of Sultanpur, on the south by Allahabad, on the east by Jaunpur, on the west by Fatehpur and north-west by Rae Bareli. In the south-west the Ganges forms the boundary of the district for about 50 kilometres (31 mi). Separating it from Fatehpur and Allahabad and in the extreme north-east the Gomti forms the boundary for about 6 kilometres (3.7 mi). According to The Central Statistical Organization, India, the district has an area of 3,730 square kilometres (1,440 sq mi).. The city of Pratapgarh is famous for its amla ( a citrus food) production.


In 2006 the Ministry of Panchayati Raj named Pratapgarh one of the country's 250 most backward districts (out of a total of 640).[1] It is one of the 34 districts in Uttar Pradesh currently receiving funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF).[1]


According to the 2011 census Pratapgarh district, Uttar Pradesh has a population of 12,339,[2] roughly equal to the nation of Mongolia[3] or the US state of Iowa.[4] This gives it a ranking of 109th in India (out of a total of 640).[2] The district has a population density of 854 inhabitants per square kilometre (2,210/sq mi) .[2] Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 16.2%.[2] Pratapgarh has a sex ratio of 994 females for every 1000 males,[2] and a literacy rate of 73.1%.[2]

Notable people[edit]


As of 2011 Pratapgarh district's population is 2,331,000.[6]

Religions in Pratapgarh
Religion Percent
Distribution of religions
Includes Sikhs (0.2%), Buddhists (<0.2%).


The Pratapgarh Railway junction handles 42 trains every day.

  • Old Delhi – Pratapgarh: Padmawat Express Daily from old Delhi station at 7:50 pm Train No. 14207/14208 Vai Ghaziabad-Morababad-Bareilly-Lucknow-Raibareli-Amethi.
  • New Delhi – Varanasi: Kashi Vishwanath Express Daily from New Delhi station at 11:40 am Train No. 14257/14248 Vai Ghaziabad-Morababad-Bareilly-Lucknow-Raibareli-Amethi.
  • Delhi Anand Vihar (T) – Varanasi: Garibrath Express from Anand Vihar Mega Terminal station at 6:15 pm Train No. 22407/22408 Vai Ghaziabad-Morababad-Bareilly-Lucknow-Raibareli-Amethi.
  • New Delhi – Puri: Neelanchal Express Sunday, Tuesday, Fri from New Delhi station at 6:30 am Train No. 12875/12876 Vai Ghaziabad-Aligarh-Etawah-Kanpur-Lucknow-Raibareli-Amethi.
  • New Delhi – New Farakka: NDLS–NFK Express Thursday from New Delhi station at 6:00 pm Train No. 14003/14004 Vai Ghaziabad-Morababad-Bareilly-Lucknow-Raibareli-Amethi.
  • Old Delhi – Howrah: JSM–HWH SF Express Thursday from Old Delhi Station at 3:05 pm Train No. 12371/12372 Vai Ghaziabad-Morababad-Bareilly-Lucknow-Raibareli-Amethi.
  • Chandigarh - Kunda(Pratapgarh)- Allahabad Unchahar Express/14218 Mail/Express. (Travel Time: 19h 20m 39 halts Distance: 893 km Avg Speed: 46 km/hr).
  • Pratapgarh to Mumbai - Saket Express(Train Number 11068) & Udyog Nagari Express (Train Number 12173)

The daily passenger trains link Pratapgarh with Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, along with Amethi, Gorakhpur, Kanpur, Agra, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Howrah, Allahabad, Varanasi, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jammutawi, Haridwar, Dehradun, Jhansi, Moradabad, Bareli, Patna, Gaya, Jabalpur, Nagpur, Puri, and Delhi. There is also a tri-weekly train to Bhopal, Pratapgarh–Bhopal Express, which is a super-fast train. Another super-fast train, the bi-weekly Udyognagri Express, connects the city with Mumbai, the metro city and capital of Maharashtra. There is also a Delhi–Varanasi garib rath express at midnight.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Famous Temples[edit]

  • Baba Kachnarveer Dham "An ancient Shiv Temple about 500 yrs old" sekhpur chauras, kunda Pratapgarh
Ghuisarnath Temple, Kumbhapur, Lalganj, Pratapgarh
Shani Dev Temple, Pratapgarh.JPG
Bakulahi Riover, Shani Devi Temple.JPG
Lord Shani's statue in Shani Dham View of river Bakulahi from the Shani Dev Temple

{Hari Om Singh}

  • [1]
  • Shri Manishwar Mahadev Mandir Khuskhuswapur(Belha)
  • Aushaan devi Temple at Jamethi, bhitwa Pratapgarh

Haudan nath dhaam

  • Belha Devi Mandir (Belha)
  • Baba HARIHAR NATH Gobri Pratap garh
  • Baba Shobh Nath Mandir (Ajhara-Lalganj)
  • Shani Dev Temple, Kushfara,Vishvanath Ganj, Pratapgarh
  • Baba Ghuisarnath Dham (Sangipur, Lalganj Ajhara)
  • Bhayaharan Nath Dham (Katra Gulab Singh, Mandhata)
  • Bhakti Dham Temple, Mangarh, Kunda, Pratapgarh
  • Yaksha-Udhishthira Samvad Asthal {AJGARA DHAM} (Ajgara raniganj), Pratapgarh
  • Chandika Dham Chandikan, Pratapgarh
  • Shri Ram Janki Hanuman mandir Babhanpur PO- Rendigarapur patti pratapgarh
  • Saie Data Kuti Chilbila Pratapgarh
  • Paliyan nath temple,Vill-Goi,Pratapgarh
  • Baba Balukeshwar Nath Dham Avadhpuri, Devghat Road, Moahanganj, Pratapgarh
  • Baba Gopnath Dham Ranki Shangipur Pratapgarh
Maa Chauharjan (Barahi) Devi Temple, Pratapgarh
Kamakshi Devi Temple, Kamasin, Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh
  • Maa Durga Dham Bahuta, Patti Pratapgarh
  • Chamunda Devi Mandir (Baghrai), Pratapgarh
  • Shiv Mandir (Baghrai) Pratapgarh
  • Kamachchha Devi Mandir (Kamasin), Pratapgarh
  • Shiv mandir,civil lines,pratapgarh
  • Shri Shiv Mandir Hathigawan Kunda Pratapgarh
  • Ram Janki Mandir (Mahuli)
  • Old Hanuman Mandir Kohandaur
  • Ram Janki Mandir Kohandaur
  • Harihar Baba Jee Mandir (Dharauli) Kohandaur
  • Mangrauran Bhavani Mangraora Pratap Garh
  • Kalyani Devi Mandir Kalyani Narharpur Kohandaur
  • Haudesvar Nath Mahadev Mandir Kunda
  • Surya Mandir (Swaruppur)
  • Chandikan Devi
  • Shakti devi (Shivpur)
  • Barahi Devi in Chauharjan (Gram sabha Parasurampur , Post Meduali)
  • Radha Krishna Temple (SangramGanj)
  • Baba Budenath Dham (Deom Pashchim, Sangipur)
  • Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat (Mangarh, Kunda)
  • Chandika Dham Chandikan
  • Kamakshi Devi (kamasin)
  • Nayer Devi (Heeraganj)
  • Jangali Vir Baba (Lalganj)
  • Inhan Devi Mandir
  • Maa Varahi Devi (Chauharjan Dham), Lakshipur, Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh
  • Karenti Ghat Kunda Pratapgarh
  • Budhau Baba Dham, Akhodi Teer, Sarai Jamuari,Sarsi Dih, Mangraura, Patti, Pratapgarh
  • Kaali Maata Mandir, Sarai Jamuari, Patti, Pratapgarh
  • Shree Radha Krishna Prachin Shiv Mandir Devgarh Kamasin Raniganj pratapgarh
  • Baba Baleshwar Naath (Mahadevan) at the Bank of Sai River, Mohanganj
  • Bansatti devi Mandir, katra bhuwalpur,Po-Katra Mediniganj
  • Maa Kaali Devi Mandir, katra chauraha,Po-Katra Mediniganj
  • Maa Khuilan Devi Mandir,Newadi,Lokapur,Jethwara-Mandhata Road,Pratapgarh
  • Jalahal Devi Mandir Near Hainsi Paraji Bazar PO-Hainsi Paraji Pratapgarh
  • Kharesar Baba Mandir Near Hainsi Paraji Bazar PO-Hainsi Paraji Pratapgarh
  • Shri Ram janki hanuman mandir Babhanpur PO- Rendigarapur patti pratapgarh
  • Kachnar Veer Baba Chaurash Derwa Kunda Pratapgarh
  • Hanuman & Shiv mandir (Kushfara Primary School (Mahant Shree Tarif Singh Verma)) Pratapgarh
  • Maa Durga BhaktiDhaam,Chandipur,Kohandour,Pratapgarh
  • Jai Maa Kaali, Dhaam (Takkarganj, Babaganj,Pratapgarh,Uttar Pradesh)
  • Adhar veer baba, pure Ban Pratapgarh
  • Pakadi veer Baba, pure Wasudev Pratapgarh
  • kajee veer Baba, kajeepur Pratapgarh
  • maa chamunda dham badali ka purwa mahrajpur pratapgarh
  • Kateshwar Nath mandir Katawarh Shamshergang Pratapgarh
  • Bude Baba near Bank of river ganga Kalakankar Pratapgarh uttar Pradesh
  • Chakrapani vishunu bhagwan temple Kalakankar Pratapgarh Uttar Pradesh
  • Hathi Rambeer Baba Dham, Sangrampur (In front Of Shiva Pandey home) Gondey, Chilbila Pratapgarh Uttar Pradesh
  • Ajgar Baba Dham as well known as Raja Nahush moksh sthali at AjgaraMela Mahostava Rishi Panchami hHindi month Bhando every year Pratapgarh Lucknow National Highway.
  • Maa Saltanti Devi Dhaam, (GraamDevi), Sagra, Sadar, Pratapgarh Uttar Pradesh.
  • Hanuman ji Temple , Danpur , Rajgarh , Pratapgarh.(Mahant Shree Pt. Manish Shankar Tiwari)
  • Shiv Ji Temple , Danpur , Rajgarh , Pratapgarh.'(Mahant Shree Pt. Manish Shankar Tiwari) Phone: 07836854143

Schools and College[edit]

  • Central public school, Patti, Pratapgarh. U. P. Phone: 05343-250062, 9415465156, 9918563660.
  • Prabhavati Girls degree college Kushaha,Pratapgarh(U.P.)
  • Shivram intermediate college Kushaha Pratapgarh (U.P.)
  • Prabhavati Memorial Public School Kushaha,Pratapgarh(U.P.)
  • Shivram Uchchatar Madhyamic Vidyalya Kushaha,Pratapgarh(U.P.)
  • Aatreya Academy, Phulwari, Katra Road, Pratapgarh, #1
  • Shubhash Shishu Mandir, Gobari, Pratapgarh
  • Suryansh Public school, Raniganj, Pratapgarh
  • Suryansh Sanskrit Mahavidalaya, Basirpur,Pratapgarh
  • Sarswati Sishu Mandir, Ajeet Nagar, Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Munishwar Dutta Post Graduate College, Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Pratap Bahadur Post Graduate College, Pratapgarh (City), Uttar Pradesh.
  • Ram Raj Intermediate College Patti Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Pratapgarh
  • Shubhash Shishu Mandir Gobri, Pratap garh
  • Shiv Pati Devi Yamuna Prasad Mishra Balika Inter College Ajhara lalganj Pratapgarh(Prastavit)
  • Government Girls Inter College (G.G.I.C.), Pratapgarh, U.P.
  • Novel international school rakhaha Pratapgarh
  • Sarla inter college chamrupur Pratapgarh
  • Dev Narayan Inter College Kachha Pratapgarh
  • ATL school(C.B.S.E Board) katra Road Pratapgarh
  • Angels Inter College,Shiv ji puram Katara Road Pratapgarh
  • St Johns Academy Viveknagar Pratapgarh
  • Sarsswti Sishu Mandir, Ajeet Nagar, Pratapgarh (U.P.)
  • B. D Mishra Intermediate College, Tarapur, Pratapgarh
  • M. P. S Intermediate College, Jethwara, Pratapgarh
  • Mahatma Gandhi Inter College, Bahunchara-230137, Pratapgarh
  • Krishna Prasad Hindu Intermediate College Pratapgarh
  • G. V. Inter College Delhupur pratapgarh
  • S.B.P. Inter College Bahuta, Patti, Pratapgarh.
  • Ram Narayan Intermediate College, Patti, Pratapgarh.
  • Prabavati memorial public school(CBSE Board) Kushaha Pratapgarh (U.P.)
  • R. S. B. Inter College Baghrai, Pratapgarh 230129 (Up)
  • Ma Gomati Smarak Degree College Bhav Baghrai Pratapgarh 230201 (UP)
  • Gyanodaya Vidyalaya Baghrai Pratapgarh 230129 (UP)
  • Mahadev Prashad intermediate college(M.P.I.C),mahadev nagar,Pratapgarh
  • Sangipur PG Mahavidyalaya,Sangipur,Pratapgarh
  • Government Girl Inter College(G.G.I.C.) Sangipur,Pratapgarh
  • Government Inter College,Sangipur.Pratapgarh
  • St. Anthony's Inter College,Civil Lines,Pratapgarh
  • SP Inter College Kunda Luknow-Allahabad National Highway,Pratapgarh
  • Balbhadra Inter College Deeha Shekpur-Hathigawan GT Road, Pratapgarh
  • Tulsi Inter College Babuganj Jamethi, Kunda Pratapgarh
  • Hathigawa Inter College, Hathigawa Road, Kunda Pratapgarh
  • St. Fransis Convent School,Pratapgarh
  • Ram Anjor Mishra Inter college,lalganj,pratapgarh
  • Lourds Children School,Cristion Colony,Pratapgarh
  • Prabhat Academy (I.C.S.E.Board), Pratapgarh
  • Govt Polytechnic, Sultanpur Road, Chilbila
  • Angels Inter College, Katra Road, Pratapgarh
  • Saraswati Vidya Mandir Lalganj Ajhara
  • P.G College Patti Pratapgarh.
  • B.D. Intermediate College Pure Budhidhar Baba Gang Kunda Pratap Garh
  • M.D.P.G. College Allahabad Road Pratap Garh
  • P.B.P.G. and Inter College Pratapgarh City
  • G.I.C. (Government Inter College) Pratap Garh
  • Madarsa Islameya Noorululoom Harharpur Balkerangang Vishwanathgang Pratapgarh.
  • Madarsa Islameya Darululoom Basupur Mandhata Pratapgarh
  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Avadheshpuram, Lala Bazar, Kalakankar
  • Kalu Ram Inter College, Shitalaganj, Pratapgarh.
  • Rani Rajeshwari Inter College, Dilippur, Pratapgarh
  • Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Post Graduate Degree College, Lalganj
  • Amar Janta Inter Mediate College, Katra Gulab Singh
  • Abul kalam Inter College
  • Bharat Singh Inter College Kumhiya Patti Pratapgarh.
  • Tilak Inter College,
  • Bhadreshwar Inter college Derwa Kunda Pratapgarh.
  • P. P S Intermediate College Daudpur Saraimadhai Pratapgarh

¤ B.B.S.Inter College Barna Lalgopalganj Kunda Pratapgarh

  • S.J.P.R.N.D.Inter College,Ramapur,Kohandour,Pratapgarh
  • Brijendra Mani Inter College(BMIC),Kohandour,Pratapgarh
  • Shweta memorial girls inter college, ashthbhujanagar prtapgarh
  • L.B.S Sikhsan & prasikshan sansthan entha,kunda, pratapgarh
  • Lallan Shambhu Inter Mediate College,Harakhpur, Mandhata, pratapgarh.
  • Joyti Higher Secondary School, Kisun Ganj, Sandwa Chandikan, Pratapgarh.
  • D.R. Primary School Katra Medniganj Pratapgarh.
  • Sarswati Sisu Mandir Ranigunj Pratapgarh
  • RBP Singh IC Birapur pratpgarh
  • Saket girls intermediate college, dahilamau,gau ghat, pratapgarh
  • Saket girls degree college, dahilamau,gau ghat, pratapgarh
  • Sri Ram Inter College, chilbilla, pratapgarh
  • JJK VidyaMandir Khargi Pur Mandhata Pratap Garh
  • Madarsa Islamiya Arabia Talimuddin SonPur Jethwara Pratap Garh (Saddam Hussain)
  • SunRise SChool Khargi Pur Mandhata Pratap Garh
  • Hanumat Intermediate College Kalakankar Pratapgarh pin code 229408
  • RYS Public School, (UP Board), Jalesharganj, Pratapgarh (Vimlesh Chandra Shukla)
  • Einstein Public School (CBSE Board), Lalganj Ajhara, Pratapgarh



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