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Pravin Mani
Birth namePravin mani
Also known asPraveen Mani
BornChennai, Tamil Nadu, India
GenresFilm score
Occupation(s)Composer, record producer, music director, singer
Years active2000–present

Pravin Mani is an Indian musician who has been credited as singer and as composer in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and English films in India. He has been a long term associate with noted music director, A. R. Rahman, with recent collaborations in Enthiran. He has also played a key role in the background scores for several Rahman films including Mudhalvan and Alaipayuthey. He resides in Toronto, Canada.[1][2][3]

Notable discography[edit]

Film scores and soundtracks[edit]

Year Tamil Telugu Malayalam Other Languages
2001 Little John Little John Little John • (Hindi)
2003 Parasuram #
2003 Ottran
Son of Alladin • (English)
2004 Udhaya #
2004 Rain Rain Come Again
2005 Dancer
Private Moments (English) •
Finger Print
Sukran #
By the People
2006 Thoothukudi
Aadu Puli Attam[4]
Balram vs. Tharadas#
Backwaters (English)
2007 Thirutham
Manhattan Biriyani (English)
2008 Iyakkam
2010 Chikku Bukku
2011 Payanam Gaganam
2012 Mirattal
2013 A Gun & a Ring A Gun & a Ring
#Only background music, film songs composed by another composer
  • The films are listed in order of the album release date, irrespective of the film release.
  • The year next to the title of the affected films indicates the release year of the either dubbed or remade version in the named language later than the original version.
  • indicates original language release. Indicates simultaneous makes, if featuring in more languages
  • indicates a remade version, the remaining ones being dubbed versions


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