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Pravex Bank is a private commercial bank based in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Founded by Leonid Chernovetsky, it was licensed by the National Bank of Ukraine in 1992.

Pravex Bank
Public joint-stock company
Industry banking
Founded 1992
Headquarters Kiev, Ukraine
Owner Intesa Sanpaolo

Pravex Bank was ranked the No.88 bank in terms of the size of retail loan portfolio by Ukraine’s central bank as at 11 October 1916. In the environment of a booming retail lending business, the bank, which is privately held by local investors, has successfully managed to be among such heavyweights as RZB Aval, BNP Paribas and OTP. Its retail loan portfolio, at US$0.3bn, is close to that of the state-owned saving bank Oshchadbank (US$0.4bn), which was ranked No.7.

Pravex Bank was registered as a banking institution by National Bank of Ukraine in December 1992. The bank was founded by local private entities and individuals. Incorporated in the country’s capital Kiev, the bank started its business activities in the city and in the Kiev Oblast (province). In 1993, the bank opened its first offices there. Since its inception, the bank has served private entrepreneurs, SMEs and private individuals, providing them with innovative services (at that time) such as credit cards (VISA, Eurocard/MasterCard, Diners Club), cash payments for home utilities bills, etc. At the end of the 1990s, the bank started its regional expansion by opening offices in key oblast centres and towns. By the end of December 2005, Pravex Bank ran 406 offices scattered all over the country. By February 2007, the network was extended to 520 offices in all 24 oblasts of the country and in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The bank’s client base consists of 40,000 business entities and over 2M retail customers. Pravex Bank is also an important precious metals trader in Ukraine. Silvio Pedrazzi, Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Taras Kyrychenko, Chairman of the Management Board.

Since 2008, the Bank belongs to the Intesa Sanpaolo Group [1].

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