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In England, "prawn sandwich brigade" is a derogatory term for the people who attend Association football matches primarily to enjoy luxury boxes and corporate hospitality, rather than support a team or enjoy the sport.[1]

The term originated from a media comment by Manchester United captain Roy Keane who felt certain sections of the crowd had not been vocal enough in their support, and at times too quick to criticise minor mistakes, during the Champions League game against Dynamo Kyiv in November 2000:[2]

The term is often attributed to a direct Keane quote; in fact the term originated in the print media in reaction to Keane's comments.

The 2009 film The Damned United depicts Brian Clough castigating the directors of Derby County F.C. for luxuriating in corporate hospitality suites with "prawn sandwiches", but failing to understand the game of football. The scene is set in 1973, but Clough's tirade in the film was probably inspired by Roy Keane's comments of 2000.


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