Prawns from Palamós

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Gamba de Palamós crua

The Prawns from Palamós is a crustacean of the species Aristeus antennatus. It presents a very intense red color and it is valued for its fine, firm and tasty meat. It is fished with the technique of bottom trawling and in summer they are usually found more exemplaries and bigger.[1]


Gamba de Palamós cuita a la planxa

The prawn traditionally has been fished in the Palamós coasts and in other Catalan coastal towns as by example Blanes, Arenys, Roses or of the coast of Tarragona. Towards 1950 fishermen come from the south of Catalonia and of the Valencian Country they introduced the technology of fish trawling in Palamós and some very important fishing-grounds of shrimp were discovered.[2] Since then it has gained importance in the Comfraria de Pescadors de Palamós (Fishing Confraternity), and nowadays it has achieved renown and recognition.[3]

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