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Pray TV
Pray TV.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Rick Friedberg
Produced by
Written by
Music by George S. Clinton
Distributed by Filmways Pictures
Release date
  • 1980 (1980)
Country United States
Language English

Pray TV (also known as KGOD)[1] is a 1980 comedy film spoofing televangelism.


Failing UHF TV station KRUD, Channel 17, is "reborn" as Christian television station KGOD. The new format is a big success but attracts an incompatible mix of fringe ministries and broadcasters wanting time on the station. A series of humorous vignettes show the different religious shows the station broadcasts: a faith healer, a radical black nationalist preacher, a preacher with a drive-in church, a Christian game show, etc.

The film is very similar in both plot and style to the film UHF which was released in 1989.[2][3]


Pray TV stars Dabney Coleman, Paul Cooper, Rosemary Alexander, and Lewis Arquette, with cameos by Paul Reubens and the band Devo (who play a Christian rock band named "Dove"). It was directed by Rick Friedberg.


Pray TV was picked up by Filmways Pictures in 1980 (under its original name, KGOD).[4] The film premiered on television instead of theatrically,[5] and aired on Showtime in 1983 under its present title.[6]


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