Prayer of the Rollerboys

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Prayer of the Rollerboys
Prayer of the Rollerboys.jpg
Directed byRick King
Produced byRobert Mickelson
Written byW. Peter Iliff
StarringCorey Haim
Patricia Arquette
Christopher Collet
Julius Harris
Josh Todhunter
Music byStacy Widelitz
CinematographyPhedon Papamichael Jr.
Distributed byAcademy Entertainment Inc.
Release date
  • November 1990 (1990-11)
Running time
95 minutes
CountryUnited States

Prayer of the Rollerboys is a 1990 independent science fiction film directed by Rick King and starring Corey Haim and Patricia Arquette.

Plot summary[edit]

Haim stars as Griffin, a rollerblader in near future Los Angeles, a city overrun with crime and drug use in the wake of a catastrophic economic crash caused by the greed of previous generations. The film includes ominous events, including news reports of riots in Washington D.C., a newspaper headline that proclaims "GERMANY BUYS POLAND" and references to the Israeli Defense Forces "cleaning up Northern Ireland".

A rollerblade-wearing white supremacist gang known as the Rollerboys fight for control of what's left of the city. The fascist group is led by a childhood neighbour of Griffin's. The Rollerboys carry out their eugenics agenda through violent battles with ethnic gangs and through the distribution of the drug "mist". When Griffin's little brother begins to idolise the Rollerboys and eventually starts abusing mist, Griffin is convinced by an undercover cop (Patricia Arquette) to join up with the Rollerboys as a mole, in exchange for a better life for his brother.

Having joined up, Griffin's loyalties to the gang are eventually called into question and he is tricked into nearly beating his African-American friend Speedbagger to death. He also discovers that the Rollerboys' mantra "the day of the Rope is coming" actually refers to a toxic chemical "Rope" being added to the mist drug which renders its (mostly non-Caucasian) abusers sterile, enabling the gang's genocidal goal.



  • The film was nominated for two Saturn Awards: Best Performance by a Younger Actor (Corey Haim) and Best Science Fiction Film.

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