Prayers (anime)

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Genre Science fiction
Original video animation
Directed by Yusaku Saotome
Studio P.P.M.
Released August 26, 2005
Episodes 4
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Prayers (プレイヤーズ?, Pureiyāzu) is a 2005 OVA anime set in the year 2014 where the young of Japan have rebelled against the government for segregating Shibuya and declared themselves to be independent of Japan. In the city, there are special people called "prayers" who fight in literal band battles in which the power of their songs can incapacitate or even kill rival contestants.


Shibuya declared independence from the rest of Japan. Now Itasu monsters roam Shibuya which mostly looks like ruins because of an earthquake when Tasuku was a kid. Tasuku, now a young man playing acoustic guitar music saves a young girl, Shoko, from such a monster. Shoko has amnesia. There is a rumor that when Shibuya is filled with songs, it will return to Japan through a rainbow. The girl Shoko is not the first sample, and they are all under surveillance. 5 years ago Shibuya declared its independence from Japan. Around the same time an earthquake destroyed most of the buildings. The evil Irusaibu rules Shibuya. The people has become obsessed with a game called Pray where 2 or more individuals in groups or alone plays music directly into the brain of the opponent. Tasuku saves a young girl, Shoko, from an Itasu monster. She has amnesia and lives with Tasuku. Meanwhile, Shoko and her surroundings are monitored, and there is a rumor that when all of Shibuya sings, it will return to Japan through a rainbow. It is soon revealed that Shoko has a great voice for the Pray game, and many more games follow.

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