Prayers of Steel

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"Prayers of Steel" is also the name of a 1918 poem by Carl Sandburg.

Prayers of Steel
Studio album by Avenger
Released May, 1985
Recorded October, 1984 at Studio Mahn
Genre Speed metal, heavy metal
Length 42:30
Label Wishbone Records
Producer Ralf Hubert
Avenger chronology
Prayers of Steel
Depraved to Black

Prayers of Steel is the name of the only full-length album released by the German heavy metal band Avenger in 1985, before they changed their name to Rage. The only other release that followed under the name Avenger was the EP Depraved to Black (1985 also). The German label GUN Records reissued the album on CD in 1995, including the track of the EP.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Battlefield" (Jochen Schröder, Peter Wagner) - 2:44
  2. "South Cross Union" (Schröder, Wagner) - 3:33
  3. "Prayers of Steel" (Schröder, Alf Meyerratken, Wagner) - 6:10
  4. "Halloween" (Wagner) - 3:49
  5. "Faster Than Hell" (Schröder, Wagner) - 3:16
  6. "Adoration" (Schröder, Wagner) - 3:28
  7. "Rise of the Creature" (Meyerratken, Schröder) - 5:23
  8. "Sword Made of Steel" (Meyerratken, Schröder, Wagner) - 5:02
  9. "Blood Lust" (Schröder, Wagner) - 4:47
  10. "Assorted by Satan" (Meyerratken, Schröder, Wagner) - 4:04



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