Prayers of the Last Prophet

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Prayers of the Last Prophet
Prayers of the Last Prophet (Yusuf Islam album - cover art).jpg
Studio album by
GenreSpoken Word
LabelJamal Records
ProducerYusuf Islam
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I Have No Cannons That Roar
Prayers of the Last Prophet
A Is for Allah

Prayers Of The Last Prophet is an album by Yusuf Islam. The follow-up to the hugely successful The Life of the Last Prophet, and contains a collection of du’as (supplications) as used by the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Prayers: Introduction
  2. Prayers: O Am Indeed Close
  3. Prayers: O Son of Adam
  4. Prayers: Praise Be to Allah
  5. Prayers: Be Mindful of Allah
  6. Prayers: Rabbi Ya Rahmnan
  7. Prayers: Chief of Prayers
  8. Night: Bedtime Prayer
  9. Night: They Forsake Their Beds
  10. Night: Night Prayer
  11. Dawn: Call to Prayer
  12. Dawn: Light
  13. Dawn: The Morning Prayer
  14. Dawn: If You Ask Me
  15. Dawn: Let Not Our Hearts Deviate
  16. Day: Istikharah
  17. Day: Sovereignty
  18. Day: Leaving Home
  19. Day: Travel Prayers
  20. Day: Visiting the Sick
  21. Day: Seventy Thousand Angels
  22. Day: Entering the Mosque
  23. Day: Truly My Prayer
  24. Day: Water, Ice and Snow
  25. Day: Prostration
  26. Day: Al-Tashahhud
  27. Day: O Allah, Help Me
  28. Day: Leaving the Mosque
  29. Day: Rivalry in Worldly Increase
  30. Day: Visiting the Graves
  31. Evening: Entering the Home
  32. Evening: Grant Us Wives and Offspring
  33. Evening: Prayer for Children
  34. Evening: Prayer for Parents
  35. Evening: In Sa' Altu
  36. Evening: Prayers for Eating
  37. Evening: O My Servants
  38. Evening: Prayers on the Prophet
  39. Evening: Blessing on Muhammad
  40. Evening: Salli 'Ala Muhammad