Praying of Daniel the Immured

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"Praying of Daniel the Immured" ("Моление Даниила Заточника" in Russian, or Moleniye Danila Zatochnika), is an Old East Slavic literary monument of the 13th century.

The work is written in the form of an epistle to Yaroslav Vsevolodovich, Prince of Pereyaslavl and Suzdal. The author appears to be in great need and begs the prince for help, depicting him as a defender of all his subjects. Some Russian researchers consider the "Praying..." as a first trial of the Old Russian[citation needed] social and political journalism. The "Praying..." is written in a mixed style and full of quotations from the biblical books, chronicles, and elements of satire, aimed at the boyars and the clergy.

Russian historians believe that the "Praying..." is actually based on the previously written "Word from Daniel the Immured" ("Слово Даниила Заточника", or Slovo Daniila Zatochnika) of the 12th century, however, the questions about chronology and literary correlation of both texts, as well as their authorship, still remain open to this day.