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Praze-An-Beeble (Cornish: Pras an Bibel),[1] sometimes shortened to Praze, is a village in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. It lies between the nearby towns of Camborne (2.5 miles) and Helston (7 miles) in the civil parish of Crowan.

Praze-An-Beeble translates as "meadow on the river Beeble", which is a small tributary of the Connor River, which is a tributary of the Red River that runs through the bottom of the village. It has grown to become the largest village in Crowan parish.


Former Methodist chapel

As of September 2004, a good number of facilities (for a village of its size in the region) remained, including a fish and chip shop, bakery, village shop & Post Office, St Aubyn's Arms public house, and medical practice. The local school is located just outside the village to the east, although it is associated by name with the neighbouring village Crowan.[2]

From 1887 to 1962 the village had its own railway station on the Helston Railway.

Recent developments in the village have all centred on the ongoing works in Fore Street, including plans to alter street furniture and manage traffic, redeveloping the disused police house at the top of Fore Street, updating the cricket field and children's play area. The cricket field is home to Praze Cricket Club.

Clowance Estate

The holiday resort of Clowance estate is just outside the village, offering leisure and dining.

Annual events[edit]

Every July locals and visitors enjoy the Praze Fair, which involves a parade of local residents and pupils from Crowan School, and a local marching band, and is preceded by a week-long visit from a touring funfair. Also in the summer is the annual Farmers' Ball, when the village's youth congregate in a marquee on the football field to drink and dance.


Coordinates: 50°10′N 5°19′W / 50.167°N 5.317°W / 50.167; -5.317