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Coordinates: 42°46′20″N 16°48′34″E / 42.77222°N 16.80944°E / 42.77222; 16.80944
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LocationAdriatic Sea
Coordinates42°46′20″N 16°48′34″E / 42.77222°N 16.80944°E / 42.77222; 16.80944
Area2.81 km2 (1.08 sq mi)
Highest elevation136 m (446 ft)
Navy military object on Prežba

Prežba is a small inhabited island in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea, located northwest of the island of Lastovo in southern Dalmatia. It is connected to Lastovo by a bridge at the village of Pasadur on Lastovo. Prežba's area is 2.81 km2,[1] but its coastline is 14.23 km long, due to the large number of coves on the island. Its highest peak is 136 m above sea level and there is a lighthouse on the south side of the island, across the bay from Ubli. The island was used by the Yugoslav People's Army as a military base containing a tunnel and tunnel for ships.

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