Pre-Scenes From a Memory

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Pre-Scenes From a Memory
Concert by Dream Theater
Start dateJuly 31, 1999
End dateJuly 31, 1999
No. of shows1
Dream Theater concert chronology

Pre-Scenes From a Memory was a concert by Dream Theater, supporting Deep Purple, after the making of Dream Theater's Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory album. This was the first show Jordan Rudess played in the band as an official member of Dream Theater.[1] The show was held in Inchon, Seoul, South Korea (Triport '99 Rock Festival), July 31, 1999. This also was the first rock festival ever in South Korea.


Venue: Inchon (Triport '99 Rock Festival) Other Act(s): Deep Purple headlined

  • Metropolis Part I
  • Puppies on Acid
  • Just Let Me Breathe
  • Hollow Years
  • Voices
  • Caught in a Web
  • Peruvian Skies
  • Another Day
  • Pull Me Under

Concert date[edit]

Date City Country Venue
Pre-Scenes From a Memory (Triport '99 Rock Festival)
July 31, 1999 Seoul South Korea Inchon


Dream Theater[edit]

Deep Purple[edit]