Preaching to the Perverted (film)

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Preaching to the Perverted
Pttp signature dvd.jpg
DVD cover
Directed byStuart Urban
Written byStuart Urban
Produced byKeith Hayley
StarringGuinevere Turner
Tom Bell
Christien Anholt
CinematographySam McCurdy
Edited byJulian Rodd
Music byMagnus Fiennes
Maya Fiennes
Cyclops Vision
PTTP Films
Distributed byEntertainment Film Distributors
Release date
4 July 1997
Running time
100 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Preaching to the Perverted is a 1997 British sex comedy-drama film written and directed by Stuart Urban.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

The film stars Guinevere Turner as Tanya Cheex, a New York dominatrix. Tom Bell plays Henry Harding MP and Christien Anholt plays Peter Emery. In addition, several well-known BDSM performance artists appear, including Chaos Clowns, Luci the Axle Grinder, also known as "Lucifire", Miss Kimberly, The Fetish Nun, Suzi Woodroffe, and Tutu.

The film was originally developed by the BBC, but they later dropped the script, believing it would never be suitable for broadcast on UK TV. However, in April 2004, the film was shown on terrestrial TV in the United Kingdom on BBC One.

The film was banned in the Republic of Ireland by then-film censor Sheamus Smith on 28 October 1997;[8] he also banned the subsequent video release of the film.[9] The trailer caused a mass recall of the rental VHS release of Donnie Brasco (which had been passed as an 18), because the trailer had not been classified. 3,300 copies of that cassette were withdrawn and replaced, with a potential fine of €1000 to stores providing it.[10][11]

In 2013, the film became the first European feature film to be restored and remastered on crowd-funding site Kickstarter by its fans. The remastered Blu-ray became available in August 2013. The film also inspired the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe show Darkest Fantasy, based on the character Tanya's wedding fantasy.


Henry Harding MP, a British government minister on a moral crusade, hires an inexperienced young computer whiz kid, Peter Emery who works for a Christian computer company called Holy Hardware, to infiltrate the UK BDSM scene. Harding is set on putting a club called "House of Thwax" run by Mistress Tanya Cheex out of business, and is sure that Peter's secretly videotaped evidence of the club's activities will do the trick. However, the virginal Peter takes a liking to Tanya Cheex and finds himself falling for the Mistress. Amongst the locations used Layer Marney Tower in Essex plays a pivotal role for a party scene.



"Witty and kitsch". Among The Top 10 BDSM Movies. The Guardian, Anna Smith. 10 February 2015.[12]

"Turner makes Sharon Stone look like a mother superior, fiendish cameos from Tom Bell, Ricky Tomlinson etc. ... put on your mask and enjoy the party. This ballsy British independent deserves respect". Empire Magazine, Jake Hamilton.

"A mesh of glamour and hilarity ... slick, with an excellent cast ... great dialogue". 'Dillie Tante' The Independent on Sunday.

  • "The film boasts excellent costumes, good acting and is a great vision of what goes on in a good fetish club. Highly recommended!" Secret Magazine, February 2003.

"Enjoyably offbeat" The Times 27 April 2004 (TV preview).

  • "a kind of high-tech, fast-paced, Moulin Rouge for the fetish wonder it was banned in Ireland" Curve Magazine.
  • "Original setting ...sumptuous styling ... treat yourself and enjoy" i-D Magazine 1997.
  • "...the club scenes all look fabulous: intelligent use of colour and light." Erotic Review, December 2002.
  • "Those who actively participate in the S&M lifestyle may enjoy the lighthearted look at the underground fetish scene, but anyone looking for much more than an offbeat sex comedy is going to be woefully disappointed. Preaching to the Perverted lives up to its name by not being able to appeal to anyone but perverts." Qwipster's Movie Reviews, December 2003.[13]


  • Guinevere Turner - 1999 Best Actress Prize, Festival du Jeune Comedien
  • 2002 Audience Choice Award, CineKink Festival


The CD contains:

  1. Magnus & Maya – Welcome to the House of Thwax
  2. Shimmon & Wolfson – Evil Queen
  3. Magnus & Maya – Journey Into Hell
  4. Rejuvination – Sycophantasy
  5. Magnus & Maya – Postman Always Thrice
  6. Mark Broom – The Alien Spoke
  7. Magnus & Maya – In Zerbra Suspension
  8. The Aloof – Mind
  9. Way Out West – Ajare
  10. Magnus & Maya – Enlightenment
  11. Magnus & Maya – Goodmorning Mistress
  12. Magnus & Maya – On Wasteland (Requiem Flagellum)
  13. Omni Trio – Who Are You
  14. Percy X – Aerobix
  15. Amethyst – Futura
  16. Magnus & Maya – Grindecontrol Transubmission
  17. Magnus & Maya – House of Thwax

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