Prealps East of the Mur

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Prealps East of the Mur
Kampalpe and Stuhleck.jpg
Kampalpe and Stuhleck, the highest mountain of the Prealps.
Highest point
Elevation1,783 m (5,850 ft)
Coordinates47°34′27″N 15°47′24″E / 47.57417°N 15.79000°E / 47.57417; 15.79000
Length140 km (87 mi)
Prealps East of the Mur is located in Alps
Prealps East of the Mur
Location in the Alps
StateStyria, Lower Austria
Range coordinates47°35′N 15°48′E / 47.58°N 15.80°E / 47.58; 15.80Coordinates: 47°35′N 15°48′E / 47.58°N 15.80°E / 47.58; 15.80
Parent rangeCentral Eastern Alps

The Prealps East of the Mur (German: Randgebirge östlich der Mur) are the easternmost mountain range of the Central Eastern Alps. They comprise the eastern foothills of the Alpine crest beyond the Mur river and the adjacent southeastern Alpine Foreland .

Boundary and neighbouring ranges[edit]

According to the Alpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps (AVE), the boundaries of the Prealps East of the Mur are as follows:[1]


The range is generally subdivided into the following regions:

In addition it includes the following eastern and southeastern foothills of the Alps:

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