Precious (Precious album)

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Precious - Precious - Front.jpg
Studio album by Precious
Released 20 November 2000
Genre Pop
Label EMI

Precious is the self-titled debut by UK girl group Precious. It spawned four singles: "Say It Again", Rewind, "It's Gonna Be My Way", and "New Beginning". It was released on 20 November 2000.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Rewind" Solomon, Cohen, Karr Josef Larossi, Andreas Romdhane 3:37
2. "New Beginning" Ian Lewis Cutfather & Joe 3:43
3. "Step to Me" Josef Larossi, Andreas Romdhane Josef Larossi, Andreas Romdhane 3:11
4. "It's Gonna Be My Way" A. Bagge, A. Birgisson, S. Diamond Bag & Arthnor 3:22
5. "Heaven with You" Andy Hill, Wendy Page Cutfather & Joe 3:37
6. "Much Too Late" Matt Senatore, Solomon, David James Josef Larossi, Andreas Romdhane 4:05
7. "Ain't It Funny How" Anderson, Hailstorm, Wallin, Crichlow Cutfather & Joe 3:16
8. "I Count the Minutes" Diane Warren Chris Porter 3:49
9. "Say It Again" Paul Varney Cutfather & Joe 2:59
10. "Stand Up" Stephen Emmanuel Dufflebag Boys 3:08
11. "These Days" Alan Glass, David Brent, Ron St. Louis Josef Larossi, Andrea Romdhane 3:35
12. "Talk About It" Lars, Halvor, Jensen, Martin Michael Larson Josef Larossi, Andrea Romdhane 3:15