Precita Creek

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Precita Creek
1861 Map of San Francisco, showing Pioneer Race Course.png
1861 Map of San Francisco showing the Precita Creek just south of the Pioneer Race Course
SF location map.png
Precita Creek
EtymologyPrecita, the Spanish word meaning dam or weir[1]
CountryUnited States
CountiesCity and County of San Francisco
CitySan Francisco
Physical characteristics
SourceMarket Street and 24th Street[2]
 ⁃ locationNear Bernal Heights, City and County of San Francisco, California
 ⁃ coordinates37°45′2.8″N 122°26′34.7″W / 37.750778°N 122.442972°W / 37.750778; -122.442972
 ⁃ elevation486 ft (148 m)
MouthIslais Creek[3]
 ⁃ location
Near Islais Creek, City & County of San Francisco, California[4]
 ⁃ coordinates
37°44′58.31″N 122°23′50.262″W / 37.7495306°N 122.39729500°W / 37.7495306; -122.39729500
 ⁃ elevation
30 ft (9.1 m)
Length3 mi (4.8 km)

Precita Creek is a small creek in the Bernal Heights and Mission District neighborhoods of San Francisco, California.[5] Its course is mirrored by the current Precita Avenue,[6] which ran along the creek when it was laid out sometime during the early 1850s.[7] The creek gets its name from precita, the Spanish word meaning dam or weir.[1] The stream was buried before the beginning of the 20th century.


Starting near Market Street and 24th Street[2], the old stream follows Precita Avenue and Cesar Chavez Street,[6] ending in the Islais Creek’s estuarine bog[5] near the insection of Cesar Chavez Street and Evans Avenue. [8]


Precita Avenue was laid along the creek sometime during the early 1850s.[7] In the area now called Precita Park, a village had developed by the 1860s. The village drew its water from an upstream portion of the creek and used the creek as an open sewer.[5] Between the 1880s and the 1900s, Precita Creek was paved over to create Army Street (now Cesar Chavez Street).[6]

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