Predator 2 (1992 video game)

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Predator 2
Predator 2 Sega Genesis.jpg
Sega Genesis cover art
Developer(s)Teeny Weeny Games
Krisalis Software
Acclaim Grey Team
Perfect 10 Productions
Publisher(s)Acclaim Entertainment[a]
Platform(s)Sega Game Gear
Sega Genesis
Sega Master System
Genre(s)Action game

Predator 2 is the second video game adaptation of the film of the same title, developed by Teeny Weeny Games and Krisalis Software and published by Acclaim Entertainment in 1992. In addition to the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) version, it was also ported to the 8-bit Sega Game Gear and Master System consoles.


Review score
Sega Master Force68% [1]

Diehard GameFan reviewer gave the Genesis version of Predator 2 a score of 72/100, comparing it with Smash TV with the freedom to move around, but "overall found it to be a little too average from beginning to end."[2] German magazine Play Time gave it a positive review and a score of 77%,[3] but the Game Gear version received a low score of 41/00 from German magazine Mega Fun.[4] Mega gave the game a negative score of 28%.[5]


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