Predator vs. Judge Dredd

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"Predator vs. Judge Dredd"
Pred vs Dred.jpg
Cover to Predator vs. Judge Dredd trade paperback.
Publisher Dark Horse Comics (US)
Fleetway Publications (UK)
Publication date October – December 1997
Title(s) Predator vs. Judge Dredd #1–3 (US)
Judge Dredd Megazine vol. 3 #36–38 (UK)
Creative team
Writer(s) John Wagner
Artist(s) Enrique Alcatena
Colourist(s) Perry McNamee, Jimmy Johns, John Hanan III, Dave Stewart
Judge Dredd vs. Predator ISBN 1-84023-021-5
Judge Dredd vs. Predator ISBN 1-56971-345-6

Predator vs. Judge Dredd is an intercompany crossover featuring the galaxy's greatest lawman and the galaxy's greatest hunter. It was originally published in 1997 in serial form in the Judge Dredd Megazine and a three-issue mini-series by Dark Horse. It was then collected as a trade paperback.



The Predator enters the urban jungle of Mega-City One to hunt a challenging prey – the judges themselves. As the judges' heads start accumulating in the Predator's trophy room it is down to Dredd and Schaefer to stop the hunt.

When discussing the Predator, the Judges say it had visited New York. This never happened in the film but did in the Predator comic book story Concrete Jungle, written by Mark Verheiden (which parallels a lot of the themes in the second film).


The series has been collected as a trade paperback:

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