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Philco's Predicta, 1958, in the collection of The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
A Predicta mounted on a "barber pole" stand

The Philco Predicta is a television made in several cabinet models in a 17” or 21” screen by the American company Philco from 1958-1960. The Predicta was marketed as the world's first swivel screen television. The picture tube was surrounded in Eastman plastics new product called “tenite” which protected the glass and gave it its greenish tint. The Predicta also had a thinner picture tube than many other televisions at the time, which led it to be marketed as a more futuristic television set. Predicta television sets were constructed with a variety of cabinet configurations, some detachable, but all separate from the tube itself and connected by wires.[1] Initially introduced in 1958 for the Holiday Inn hotel chain and rolled out for general consumers shortly thereafter, the Predicta was discontinued in the early 1960s.[2]

In the late 1990s the rights were acquired by Dave Riedel and Mike Lipscomb of Telstar LLC, who hand-made new sets on a limited basis until 2008.[3]


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