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Original author(s)General Electric
Developer(s)General Electric

Predix is General Electric's software platform for the collection and analysis of data from industrial machines.[1] General Electric plans to support the growing industrial internet of things with cloud servers and an app store.[2] GE is a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium which works to aid the development and use of industrial internet technologies.[3]

Predix as a cloud-based PaaS (platform as a service) is claimed to enable industrial-scale analytics for asset performance management (APM) and operations optimization by providing a standard way to connect machines, data, and people. GE expects Predix software to do for factories and plants what Apple's iOS did for cell phones.[4] Built on Cloud Foundry open source technology, Predix provides a microservices based delivery model with a distributed architecture (cloud, and on-machine).[5]


Predix aims towards system wide optimization and to create a detailed model that spans entire systems such as aircraft operations. The model allows better optimization of each part of the system (such as a turbine blade) as well as optimization of the entire system (such as airline operations).[6]

Predix is developed by GE Digital in San Ramon, California near Silicon Valley and originally its own business unit. In September 2015 it became re-integrated into General Electric's IT division.[7][8]

In November 2016, Forrester Research published The Forrester Wave™: IoT Software Platforms, Q4 2016 and recognized GE's Predix as a leader in the evaluation.[9]

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