Predrag Koraksić Corax

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Predrag Koraksic Corax

Pregrag Koraksić Corax (Предраг Кораксић Коракс) is a Serbian political caricaturist.


Koraksić was born in Čačak in 1933. His father, one of the Partisan Movement leaders, was killed during the World War II by Chetniks. Corax spent four years as a refugee.

After the war Corax graduated from grammar school in Zemun and studied architecture in Belgrade. Corax started his professional cartoonist career in 1950 in newspaper Jež. Afterwards, Corax worked for Vecernje novosti, from which he was expelled after the court process in 1993.

Since 1989, Corax worked for the independent newspaper Borba, but moved to Danas, where he still works, when Borba was taken over by the Serbian government. From 1990 until 2005 he was working for magazine Vreme, where he was a member of the editorial board. In October 2004, he was rewarded French Légion d'honneur.

Pregrag Koraksić writes his nickname Corax using Latin characters and spelling.


Corax's cartoons are humorous accounts of contemporary, mostly Serbian, political events. He rarely uses any written text in his cartoons, but relies on caricatures of politicians for the message be self-explanatory. His strips are currently being published frequently by Serbian newspaper Danas.

He is a prominent cartoonist in Serbia, as his cartoons are published in well known publications and his style is easily recognized.

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