Presidential Palace, Zagreb

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Presidential Palace
Predsjednički dvori
Ispred dvora.jpg
In front of the Presidential Palace; former president of Croatia Stjepan Mesić is hosting Serbian president Boris Tadić
Former names Vila Zagorje
Alternative names Pantovčak
General information
Address Pantovčak 241
Town or city Zagreb
Country Croatia
Coordinates 45°50′16″N 15°57′30″E / 45.83778°N 15.95833°E / 45.83778; 15.95833
Current tenants President of Croatia
Construction started 1963
Completed 1964
Cost 54 million HRK (c.  7.3 million)
Owner Republic of Croatia
Technical details
Floor area 3,700 m2 (40,000 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architect Vjenceslav Richter
Kazimir Ostrogović

The Presidential Palace (Croatian: Predsjednički dvori, also referred to by the metonym Pantovčak) in Zagreb is the official residence of the President of Croatia. The president does not actually live in the building as it is used to house the Office of the President of Croatia, rather than the residence. The structure covers 3,700 square metres (40,000 square feet) and in 2009 government budget, it was allocated 54 million kuna (c. 7.3 million euro). As of May 2008, the office employed 170 staff with the maximum staffing level set at 191 by the Regulation on Internal Organisation of the Office of the President of Croatia.[1]

The building, formerly known as Villa Zagorje or Tito's Villa, was designed by architects Vjenceslav Richter and Kazimir Ostrogović and completed in 1964 for the former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito.[2][3] It is used as the official residence since then-president Franjo Tuđman moved there following the October 1991 bombing of Banski dvori. In addition to the original building, there is also a 3,500 square metres (38,000 square feet) annex built in 1993, an ancillary structure housing office security services and bomb shelter predating the 1990s.[2]


Inside the Presidential Palace, 1995.
Presidential Palace, Conference room.
Presidential Palace, Work cabinet.
Main entrance to Presidential Palace area.


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