Prefaxis Menen

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Prefaxis Menen
ChairmanBelgium Pierre Vandeputte
LeagueLiga Heren
WebsiteClub home page

Volleyclub Prefaxis Menen is a men's volleyball club from Menen, Belgium.

The men's A squad currently plays in the Liga, the highest level of Belgian men's volleyball. The men's B squad plays in the lower, provincial leagues.

The club made the news after the referees prematurely stopped a match against Aquacare Halen in the 2010–11 season due to heavy supporter protests. The club was fined heavily for this, but appealed successfully.

Current squad[edit]

Coach: Nepal Ron Wemel
# Nat. Name
1 Netherlands Daan van Haarlem
2 Portugal Bernardo Cabral e Silva
3 Belgium Jelle Sinnesael
4 Slovenia Dragan Radovic
5 Netherlands Ramon R. Martinez Gion
6 France Julien Lemay
7 France Jacine Louati
8 Belgium Anshel Ver Eecke
9 Belgium Jeroen Balduyck
10 Belgium Jolan Cox
12 Belgium Dwight Delanghe
14 Belgium Lienert Cosemans

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