Prehistoric Megastorms

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Prehistoric Megastorms
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes7
Original networkHistory Channel
Original release2008

Prehistoric Megastorms is a paleontology-based American documentary television series that premiered in 2008 on the History Channel. The episodes concern a Comet storm, the Great Flood of Noah, the British Superflood, Asteroid Apocalypse, Hypercane, a Mega Tsunami, and Volcanic winter.


1 Hypercane[edit]

65 million years ago the asteroid of the Yucatan Peninsula could have caused a giant storm that might have killed 70 percent of all animals on earth.

2 Noah's Great Flood[edit]

8000 years ago the Ice Age ended. Then a superflood bursts in a lush forest known now as the Black Sea.

3 Mega Tsunami[edit]

A giant wall of water strikes the mediterranean sea 6000 BC destroying civllatiations built by our forfathers. Could it have destroyed the mediterraean? And could it happen again?

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