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Prehistoric Predators was a 2007 National Geographic Channel program based on different predators that lived in the past, including Smilodon and Megalodon. The series investigated how such beasts hunted and fought other creatures, and what drove them to extinction. The program's investigative style was somewhat followed by the recent Discovery Channel documentary, Monsters Resurrected.

Featured animals[edit]

  • Pleistocene: 1.8 million-10,000 years ago
North America:
Smilodon fatalis, Arctodus (short-faced bear), Canis dirus (dire wolf), American lion, ancient bison, Megalonyx, Hagerman horse, Columbian mammoth, caribou (cameo), dromedary camel (cameo)
  • Miocene-Pliocene: 15-3 million years ago
South America, North America:
Kelenken, Glyptodon, Homalodotherium, Titanis, Canis edwardii, Smilodon gracilis, Equus
  • Miocene-Pleistocene: 20-2 million years ago
The Atlantic:
C. megalodon, Cetotherium, Squalodon, dugong, great white shark (cameo), green sea turtle (cameo)
  • Oligocene-Miocene: 32-19 million years ago
North America:
Archaeotherium, Hyaenodon, Dinictis, Mesohippus, Poebrotherium, Subhyracodon, Chalicotherium , Merycoidodon, Daeodon, Amphicyon


No. Episode title
1 "Sabretooth"
Smilodon is shown as an apex predator. It is depicted defeating Dire wolves, living in prides and killing even mammoths.
2 "Dire Wolf"[1]
The savage dire wolf was the largest wolf on the planet. It is shown hunting down bison in large packs.
3 "Giant Bear"[2]
Arctodus simus, the giant short-faced bear, was the largest mammalian carnivore ever to walk the Earth. The bear is shown defeating Smilodon and Megalonyx, and scaring off dire wolves.
4 "Monster Shark"
The huge, powerful shark C. megalodon is shown subsisting on a diet of whales.
5 "Terror Raptor"[3]
The huge birds of South America, Titanis and Kelenken, are shown as apex predators. Titanis is shown coming into competition with Canis edwardii, and eating horses.
6 "Killer Pig"[4][5]
Archaeotherium was the largest and more powerful beast of the badlands, and evolved into the even larger Daeodon (or Dinohyus).
7 "Razor Jaws"
The only animal who would attack an Archaeotherium was Hyaenodon, with its powerful razor jaws.

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