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Preila-Pervalka Parish
Preila-Pervalka Parish
Flag of Preila
Preila is located in Lithuania
Coordinates: 55°22′24″N 21°04′05″E / 55.37333°N 21.06806°E / 55.37333; 21.06806Coordinates: 55°22′24″N 21°04′05″E / 55.37333°N 21.06806°E / 55.37333; 21.06806
CountyKlaipėda County
MunicipalityNeringa Municipality
EldershipPreilos-Pervalkos Eldership
 • Total205

Preila (German Preil) - is a settlement in the Neringa region (located on the Curonian Lagoon), on the Preilos bay (north of Ožkų ragas, south of Mažasis Preilos cape).[1] The settlement is part of the Preila-Pervalka parish centre. Preila is 6 km north of Nida, which is a large tourist destination.[2] The village is surrounded by many hills Preilos (53 m), Vecekrugas (67 m) and Karvaiciai (59 m).[3]

Holiday cottages in the forest.

Preila is on located on the main road 167 which runs around the bay, serving as a connection between Nida and Klaipėda. Many of the homes are for rent for summer holidaymakers. The village is located about 2 kilometres away from the Baltic Sea. Most of the houses are from the nineteenth century, end of the twentieth century.[4] There is a library which was built in 1954, and a marina which has connections on water to the nearby Nida. In the southern part of the settlement there is a folk cemetery. The Preila Neringa bike trail goes through the village connecting Nida and Juodkrantė.[5]


The village was founded 1843 by the Nagliai sand dunes, and had been built a village school. At the beginning of the twentieth century there were 250 inhabitants, which expanded the school and built a hotel.

In the year of 1946, when Nida became a resort town and was connected by a road to Klaipėda in the year of 1947. In the year of 1961 the settlement was incorporated into the Neringa Region. In the Soviet times the settlement had created distilled spirit drinks.[6]


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