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A Prelude (music) is a musical form.

Prelude may also refer to:


Musical works[edit]

'Prelude' is a very common term as a title of a musical piece, both classical and popular. Some specific preludes are:


Other uses[edit]

  • Honda Prelude, an automobile manufactured by Honda
  • "Prelude", 1952 episode of the Hallmark Hall of Fame based on the relationship between George Sand and Frédéric Chopin
  • Sheaffer Prelude, a series of fountain pens, ballpoints and rollerball pens made by the Sheaffer Pen company
  • Prelude-IDS, open source SIEM
  • The Haskell Prelude, a standard module imported by default into Haskell programs
  • The Rust Prelude, a similar module for Rust programs
  • "Prelude" (Alias episode)
  • Prelude FLNG, Shell's project of floating liquefied natural gas; the world's largest ship.
  • The preludes, the very first series of videos released on YouTube by Swedish band iamamiwhoami