Prelude No. 1 (Villa-Lobos)

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Prelude No. 1 is a guitar piece written by Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos.

The piece is subtitled "Melodia lírica" (Lyrical Melody), is in E minor, and is the first of the Five Preludes, written in 1940. The others are in E major, A minor, E minor, and D major. It was first performed, together with its four companions, by Abel Carlevaro in Montevideo on 11 December 1942 (Villa-Lobos, sua obra 2009, 153).


The composer himself once recorded this prelude:

  • Villa-Lobos, O Intérprete. Prelude No. 1 and Chôros No. 1 (Villa-Lobos, guitar); Chôros No. 5, A lenda do caboclo, and "Polichinelo" from A prole do bebe (Villa-Lobos, piano; "Um canto que saiu das senzalas", "Guriata do coqueiro", "Nhapopê", and "Xangô" (Beate Roseroiter, soprano; Villa-Lobos, piano). Caravelle LP MEC/MVL 002.


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