Prem Chowdhry

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Prem Chowdhry
Born 1944[1]
Occupation Academic, activist, artist
Nationality Indian

Prem Chowdhry is an Indian social scientist, historian,[2] and Senior Academic Fellow at the Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi.[3] She is a feminist[4] and critic of violence against couples refusing arranged marriages.[5]

She is a well-known scholar of gender studies, authority on the political economy and social history of Haryana state in India[6] and daughter of Hardwari Lal,[7] the renown educationist and Indian National Congress member of parliament for Haryana.[8]

Professional achievements[edit]

Chowdhry is a Life Member of the Center for Women Studies.[9][10] She has also worked at the Indian Council of Social Science Research supported Centre for Contemporary Studies, New Delhi; an advanced studies unit of Nehru Memorial Museum & Library.[11]

Chowdhry is an alumna of Jawaharlal Nehru University,[12] and professorial fellow of the University Grants Commission.

Art career[edit]

Chowdhry is also a self-taught artist[13][14] whose painting are held by the National Gallery, India[15] and the Lalit Kala Akademi, India's National Academy of Fine Arts. She started exhibiting in 1970 and her paintings often reflect on the status of women in India.[16]



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