Prem Geet 2

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Prem Geet 2
Prem Geet 2 movie poster 2017.jpg
Nepaliप्रेम गीत २
EnglishLove Song 2
Directed byRam Sharan Pathak
Produced byOm Gurung
Santosh Sen
StarringPradeep Khadka
Aaslesha Thakuri
Edited byBhupendra Adhikari
Banish Shah
Aasusen Films Production
Distributed byHighlightsNepal, Kindle Cine Studio and Tauwa Creation
Release date
  • 28 July 2017 (2017-07-28) (Nepal)
Running time

Prem Geet 2 (English:Love Song 2), also known as PG2 and Prem Geet 2: Redefining Love, is a Nepalese romantic comedy drama film, under the banner of Aasusen Films Production with HighlightsNepal, Kindle Cine Studio and Tauwa Creation. It is the squeal to 2016's Prem Geet. The film is directed by Ram Sharan Pathak and produced by Santosh Sen and Om Gurung, screenplay, story, dialogue is from Ram Sharan Pathak. The film stars Pradeep Khadka and Aaslesha Thakuri in the lead roles.

Prem Geet 2 premiered around Nepal's big cities including Kathmandu, Butwal and Pokhara on July, and was released in Nepal on 28 July 2017 in 4K High Definition format. The film received mostly positive feedback from Nepalese audience and critics with praise directed towards performance of Pradeep Khadka, film's cinematography, background score and music.[1][2][3] The film was All Time Blockbuster at the box office. The film was third highest-grossing film of the year and one of the highest-grossing film all time with box officel collection of over रु 9.1 crores.


Prem (Pradeep Khadka) is a Salesman in his Own Dad's Shop. He is a carefree young man, Who Likes To Enjoy His Life. One Day Prem's Dad Gets a Call From His Dealer From Myanmar.He Says That His Sister Is Visiting Nepal. Prem's Dad Tells Him That His Sister Will Live In His Home and Not To Worry About Her Hospitality. Actually, Prem's Dad Want Prem and Dealer's Sister Married So That He Can Get Advantage In Business.

Prem's Dad Sends Prem To Pick Her From Airport. It is Revealed That The Girl Is Geet (Asleesha Thakuri).

Geet is a Girl From Myanmar But Was Born at Nepal. She Wants To Visit To One Of The Place For Some Reason. Prem is Given Responsibility To Take Care Of Geet.

Prem Begins To Hate Geet Because Of Her Unusual Behaviour Prem Does Many Things To Hurt Geet But Fails.

Now,Geet Wants To Go To One Of The Places In Pokhara.And Again Prem Is Given Responsibility As Guide For Her. In The Journey Prem Starts To Love Her. After Few Days They Reach To Their Destination. Actually Geet Wanted To Visit There Because Her Grandmother Old Bangles Were There In One Old Tree. She Knew About That Because Her Grandmother Said Those Things To Her.

Looking That, Prem Falls In Love With Geet and They Reach To Prem's Home And When Prem Decides To Propose Her, Misunderstanding Leads Geet To Return To Thailand For Her Studies, And Prem couldn't Propose Her.

Prem Starts Searching Geet In Thailand And One Day They Meet. Prem Proposes Her and They Start To Love Each Other. Then Enters Angad(Santosh Sen). He Kidnaps Prem and Beats Him Up. He Calls Geet and Her Brother and Beats Prem In Front Of Them.Geet Cries and Beg Angad Not To Beat Him. Angad Says That If She Leave Him, he Will Send Prem Back Home. She Agrees. It Is Revealed That Angad Is A Karate Champion.And One Of The Richest Man In Thailand.

He Is Against Those Nepali Boy Who Loves Foreign Girl. In The Flashback We Can See That, Angad Was A Rookie Karate Player in Thailand Where He Falls In Love With Thai-Nepalese Girl Who is His Bestfriend Too. But One Day He Hears The News Of Her Marriage and Left Heartbroken. After Her Marriage, One Day She Comes To Angad Crying That Her Husband Left her. He has married Her Only For Visa. And After Few Moments She Suicides. This Enrages Angad And He Finds That Man And Put Him In a Sack and Beats Him up.

And The Story Comes To Present Where He Is Still Beating Up The Man in The Sack. He Doesn't Want any Thai Girl To Be Victim. He Has Kidnapped Prem Too Because He Has Seen Photographs Of Prem Flirting With Other Girls.

Prem Is Given Ticket And Told To Go Back Nepal but He Refuses and he Starts Training Karate. He Challenges Angad In Fight. After Long Fight Angad Beats Up Prem. Suddenly Angad Look Towards Geet and See That She Is Crying. He Feels Bad and Imagines His Bestfriend's in Place Of Her.

And He Leaves Prem And Lose The Fight.Prem Wins The Fight And Love. And They Reunite.


  • Pradeep Khadka as Prem
  • Aaslesha Thakuri as Geet
  • Santosh Sen as Angad
  • Kabita Regmi as Geet's Grandmother
  • Rajaram Paudel as Prem's Dad
  • Kailash Katuwal as Geet's Brother
  • Sishir Bhandari as Pankaj
  • Shraddha Prasai as Prem's Mom



After the successful film Prem Geet the director and producer announced the squeal of the Prem Geet in the function, in the function the director said "The film is a love story. We have this challenge to make the film better than its predecessor, and we will be working for that." and told everyone the film will star Pradeep Khadka and Aaslesha Thakuri in the lead roles, the film was expected to be in theatres around September, 2017.[4]


After announcing the film the director choose Pradeep Khadka and Aaslesha Thakuri in lead roles but originally Puja Sharma was chosen for role of Geet but she was declined. Everyone thought the film wasn't going to be good in the box office but the director kept in believing himself and told the audience I've done my best in the film so if it fails in the box office i wouldn't mind and the producer supported the director as well.[5]


The filming of Prem Geet 2 began on December 12 and the film was shoot in Nepal, Thailand and Myanmar.[6]


1."Kahani Yo Prem Geetko"Amrit MarahatthaKalyan SinghRohit John Chettri, Shreya Sotang5:47
2."Motorcycle Ma"Rajesh Kumar Shrestha, BabinAlish KarkiIndira Joshi, Pratap Das6:10
3."Bistarai Bistarai"Rohit John ChettriRohit John ChettriRohit John Chettri4:59
4."Na Ta Hasna Nai"Manisha KhadkaAlish KarkiSagar Sansar Rai4:42

Cover song competition[edit]

The director the film set out a competition which was for the best cover song of Kahani Yo Prem Geetko which was awarded in special occasion of 51st day of the release there were 10 people nominated for the award but two people won the award Neeta Thapa Magar and Badal Thapa with a prize of one lakh each.[7][8][9]


Prem Geet 2 was released in Nepal on 28 July 2017 than on 1 August 2017 it was released worldwide.[10] After the release of the film in Nepal the cinema was running house full in 80 different Nepalese cinemas to surprise the audience the cast of the films were watching the film with the audience in the release date.[11] The trailer for the film was released in June 18, 2017 in a trailer launch function and duration of two minutes.[12][13]

Critical reception[edit]

My Republica wrote Hope for true love, hope for better films and telling the audience the film is worth watching and its a landmark for Nepalese movie industry, but Republica criticised acting of Aaslesha Thakuri saying when her dialogue of Thakuri it looked fake and sloppy also need to work in her acting skills.[14]


Nepalese actress Barsha Raut leaked some images of Prem Geet 2 which saddened the director and the producer of the film told Ekantipur "The images are crucial ones. They are from the film’s most seminal moments, and they hold the all the suspense. We are sad about the incident."[15] The image leaked showed main character Prem's fight scene which was the one of important scene of the film.

While promoting the film, Aaslesha Thakuri had a wardrobe malfunction on stage with team of Prem Geet 2 while dancing after she was interviewed the actress where she was crying about the wardrobe malfunction.[16]

After the release of the trailer on YouTube, it received more dislikes than likes, however, it was no. 1 trending in Nepal. This led to speculations that someone paid to get the dislikes.[17] Most of the dislikes came from foreign countries, leading to beliefs that there was a plot to bring film down.


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