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The poster for the film Premi
Directed by Rabi Kinagi
Produced by surinder films
Written by Rabi Kinagi
Starring Jeet
Jishu Sengupta
Chandana Sharma
Music by Jeet Ganguly
Cinematography V. Probhakar
Release dates
30 July 2004[1]
Country India
Language Bengali

Premi (Bengali: প্রেমী "") is a Bengali movie that released in 2004.[2][3] Directed by Rabi Kinagi, the movie featured Jeet, Jishu Sengupta and Chandana Sharma. This was Chandana Sharma's debut movie [4]

This movie is also the debut of music director Jeet Ganguly. It is a remake of 2002 Telugu movie Nee Sneham.


This movie is a remake of Telugu blockbuster movie Nee Sneham (English: Your Friendship) (2002) Directed by Paruchuri Murali starring Uday Kiran, Aarti Agarwal, Jatin Grewal

Rahul and Sumit are best friend and are footballers by profession. To save Rahul from an accident Sumit injuries his leg and becomes unable to play football. Rahul makes a promise to Sumit that he could fulfill Sumit’s dreams by becoming a great football player. One day Rahul meets Puja in a taxi and falls in love at first sight. Puja lives with her grandmother and grandfather. Meanwhile Puja also meets Sumit, whom she admires for his strength grit even being an invalid. Puja and her friends go to Goa and there they are joined by Rahul & his friends who had come there for a football match. Both Puja & Rahul becomes friend. But Puja is getting married to somebody else. Puja's marriage is cancelled as somebody accuses Puja as having an affair with Rahul. Puja’s grandfather cannot bear this shock & dies. This makes Puja misunderstand & hate Rahul. Rahul tries to help Puja secretly. Whenever she lands in any kind of trouble Rahul helps her and & even steals money from his father to help Puja. Rahul remains in the background & only contacts Puja via letters, where he address himself as a friend. Puja falls in love with this secret friend and is desperate to meet him. On the day of Holi Puja mistakes Sumit, as the secret friend & thrilled with joy she sends a marriage proposal to Sumit's home through her grandmother. Their marriage is finalised. Rahul is heartbroken to see his lady love marrying his best friend but he cannot say anything to Sumit as he is still is indebted to Sumit for saving his life. Puja is angry at seeing Rahul & tells him to stay away from her new life. Finally all misunderstandings are cleared and Rahul marries Puja.




Critical reception[edit]

The two multiplexes feel the dashing combo of the two young Turks of Tollywood and their lady love has the pull to lure in the audiences. “Though it’s not the niche variety, Premi is a well-made, well-publicised urban romantic film which, we feel, will appeal to our audiences. Also because the Salt lake area consists of a large bulk of Bengali cine-goers. If this experiment succeeds, we may go for more such films,” revealed a spokesperson for INOX.[citation needed]

Much on the same lines, a spokesperson for 89 Cinemas added: “Premi is targeted at the youth and we think it will click with our viewers.[citation needed]

” While an audio cassette of Premi comes free with every ticket sold (Rs 60 and Rs 80) at the Salt Lake multiplex, the Swabhumi multi-screen is offering a slashed rate of Rs 50. The film rolls out at 6.30 pm, INOX-City Centre, and at 1.15 pm, 89 Cinemas.[5] For masala films with local stars, the emphasis is more on glossy look and feel (read: fresh locales, trendy costumes, stylish interiors). In Shree Venkatesh Films’ Premi, the outdoors were all Gangtok, leading lady Chandana got her costumes designed from Mumbai, the wardrobe for Jeet and Jishu Sengupta was picked up from Pantaloons, Westside and Forum. The trendy casuals that Koel Mallick sports in Shudhu Tumi, at the Arunachal Pradesh shooting sites, are also from Pantaloons.[6]


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