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Poster for its Titantic exhibition at the Discovery Times Square Exposition in 2009.

Premier Exhibitions Inc NASDAQPRXI is an Atlanta, Georgia-based company that organizes traveling exhibitions.

Its two most prominent exhibits are artifacts from the RMS Titanic (for which it is the sole legal guardian of the artifacts)[citation needed] and BODIES... The Exhibition in which it displays cadavers arranged in lifelike poses via plastination from the Dalian Medical University (through its Dalian Medical University Plastination Company subsidiary)[1] in China. It has multiple exhibits of both bodies and Titanic running at the same time in different venues. In 2008 it entered into a 10-year lease for more than 36,000 square feet (3,300 m2) at the Luxor Las Vegas for exhibits of Titanic and bodies there.[2]

In 2015, the company opened Premier on 5th, a flagship exhibition space located on 5th Avenue in New York City. Premier on 5th currently[when?]houses Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition and The Discovery of King Tut. On June 14th, 2016, the company filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.[3]


RMS Titanic Inc.[edit]

The company has it roots in the Florida-based RMS Titanic Inc. founded in 1987 by G. Michael Harris[4] Florida Native and Founder of Oceanic Research and Exploration and Titanic Ventures Limited Partnership, George Tulloch. These co-partners led a $6 million expedition to the ship, and recovered artifacts from the ocean floor. In order to recover these artifacts, G. Michael Harris, George Tulloch and his team completed 32 dives to Titanic in the “Nautile”, a deep-diving submersible chartered by Oceanic Research and Exploration in a partnership with Ifremer, the French Research Institute for Exploration of the Sea.[5] This is the greatest number of deep-sea dives ever completed for any televised project.[6][7] The company had an OTC ticker symbol of SOST.[8] In 1994 it won a Virginia court order to get salvor-in-possession rights to the ship.[citation needed]

Tulloch (August 6, 1944 – January 21, 2004), who had built up the largest BMW dealership in the United States and had an American Financial background, and G. Michael Harris[9] were chosen to partner with Ifremer.[10] In 1992, the company, through a reverse merger, formed into RMS Titanic Inc. Tulloch conducted operations on the Titanic in 1993, 1994, 1996, and 1998.[11]

G. Michael Harris[12] until recently[when?] owned and operated the largest Titanic Exhibition in the world, located in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Harris in 1999 also designed and created all Titanic exhibitions owned by RMS Titanic, Inc. on World Tour. Mr. Harris is also the Expedition Leader with over 90 hours on the wreck of the RMS Titanic in the Russian Deep Diving Submersiable MIR1 & MIR2.[13]

John Joslyn operates the Titanic Museum Attractions in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. and Branson, Missouri in the United States.[7]

The television documentary “Return to the Titanic….LIVE”, hosted by Telly Savalas, was shown in 27 countries in 1987. A feature was the supposed live opening of the assistant purser's safe on television.[14]

RMS Titanic and Premier continue to be involved in litigation over the matter.[15]

1999 takeover[edit]

In 1999 founder Arnie Geller (Atlanta, Georgia), John Joslyn (Los Angeles, California), G. Michael Harris (Belleair, Florida), and music promoter Joseph B. Marsh (who handled tours for Janet Jackson, David Copperfield, and Fleetwood Mac) led a takeover and ousting of Tulloch.[16]

Arnie Geller was installed as President and CEO of the company and G. Michael Harris was installed as Chief Operating Officer as well as Secretary of the Corporation RMS Titanic, Inc. G. Michael Harris and Arnold Geller fired all officers and Directors for misapropreation of Company assets and were the only two remaining Directors of the Company.[17] Mr. John Joslyn was a shareholder of RMST but had no part in the Takeover of the Company in 1999.[18]


In October 2004, the company changed its name to Premier Exhibitions and changed its ticker symbol to initially to PXHB on the OTC, after it branched out with the Bodies exhibition after it acquired the The Universe Within Touring Company, LLC.[19]

The Body exhibits is now the primary money maker for the firm with presenting 19 separate human anatomy exhibitions at 33 venues while the Titanic is on exhibit at 15 locations in 2009.[19]

In 2009 the company reported that 19% of its revenue comes from Titanic and 67% from Bodies with the rest among its other exhibitions.[2]

The Body exhibits have generated considerable controversy over their appropriateness and questioning the practice of selling cadavers for public display without family permission.[1]

The company changed its ticker symbol again to PRXI when it was listed on NASDAQ.


In 2009 its other exhibits include "Dialog in the Dark" in which visitors pass through an exhibit totally without light.[20] and Star Trek: The Exhibition.[21]


On June 14, 2016, it filed for bankruptcy pursuant to chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code[22]

RMS Titanic Inc.[edit]

RMS Titanic Inc. has been the wreck's legal salvager since 1994. Starting in 2009 they changed their approach to that of closer co-operation with Titanic preservation and regulatory bodies, an approach in place circa 2012.[23]


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