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Joe Hart has won the most Golden Glove awards, with four.

The Premier League Golden Glove is an annual association football award presented to the goalkeeper who has kept the most clean sheets in the Premier League. For sponsorship purposes, it has been referred to as the Barclays Golden Glove since its inception during the 2004–05 season. Originally, the Golden Glove could only be won outright by a single player; should there have been a tie in the number of clean sheets, the goalkeeper with the superior clean sheets-to-games ratio received the award.[1] However, starting in the 2013–14 season, the Golden Glove is shared by goalkeepers with an equal number of clean sheets, regardless of the number of games they played.[2]

The Premier League was founded in 1992, when the clubs of the First Division left The Football League. They established a new commercially independent league to negotiate their own broadcast and sponsorship agreements.[3] Individual awards for players were soon created, with the Golden Boot presented at the end of the inaugural season,[4] and the Premier League Player of the Season introduced two seasons later.[5][6] In 2005, the Premier League Golden Glove was first awarded, with Petr Čech its inaugural recipient.[7][8] Originally consisting of 22 teams, the league contracted to 20 teams after the 1994–95 season; this reduced the number of games played from 42 to 38.[3]

Joe Hart has won the award on four occasions, the most out of all goalkeepers.[9] Both Pepe Reina and Hart have won the award in three consecutive seasons, which is the current record for consecutive awards.[8][10] Čech set the record for most clean sheets in a single season – with 21 – to win the inaugural award in 2005.[11] This feat was equalled by Edwin van der Sar during the 2008–09 season,[12] who also surpassed Čech's previous record of 10 consecutive clean sheets by reaching 14.[13] During his streak, Van der Sar went 1,311 minutes without conceding a goal.[12] In the process, he broke Čech's Premier League record (1,025 minutes),[14] Steve Death's English football league record (1,103 minutes)[15] and the all-time league record in Britain (1,155 minutes) for most consecutive scoreless minutes.[16] Hart, the current recipient of the award, kept the fewest clean sheets to win the Golden Glove, with 14 during the 2014–15 season.[17]


Petr Cech wearing a rugby style headgear, a volt-green long-sleeved goalkeeper's shirt with the Chelsea FC, Adidas and Samsung logos printed on the front and Premier League champions patches on the sleeves, goalkeeper gloves, black shorts with a number 1 on the left-leg side and Chelsea logo on the right-leg side, and volt-green socks.
Petr Čech won the inaugural Premier League Golden Glove in 2005.
Player (X) Name of the player and number of times they had won the award at that point (if more than one)
dagger Indicates multiple award winners in the same season
§ Denotes the club were Premier League champions in the same season
Premier League Golden Glove winners
Season Player Nationality Club Clean sheets Ref(s)
2004–05 Cech, PetrPetr Čech  Czech Republic Chelsea§ 21 [11]
2005–06 Reina, PepePepe Reina  Spain Liverpool 20 [1]
2006–07 Reina, PepePepe Reina  Spain Liverpool 19 [18]
2007–08 Reina, PepePepe Reina  Spain Liverpool 18 [19][20]
2008–09 van der Sar, EdwinEdwin van der Sar  Netherlands Manchester United§ 21 [12]
2009–10 Cech, PetrPetr Čech  Czech Republic Chelsea§ 17 [1]
2010–11 Hart, JoeJoe Hart  England Manchester City 18 [21][22]
2011–12 Hart, JoeJoe Hart  England Manchester City§ 17 [23]
2012–13 Hart, JoeJoe Hart  England Manchester City 18 [10][24]
2013–14dagger Cech, PetrPetr Čech  Czech Republic Chelsea 16 [25]
2013–14dagger Szczęsny, WojciechWojciech Szczęsny  Poland Arsenal 16 [25]
2014–15 Hart, JoeJoe Hart  England Manchester City 14 [17]

Awards won by nationality[edit]

Country Total
 England 4
 Czech Republic 3
 Spain 3
 Netherlands 1
 Poland 1

Awards won by club[edit]

Club Total
Manchester City 4
Chelsea 3
Liverpool 3
Arsenal 1
Manchester United 1

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