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For the speedway competition, see Premier Trophy (speedway).
Premier Trophy
Countries Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Administrator Sri Lanka Cricket
Format First-class cricket
First tournament 1938
Tournament format Round-robin then knockout
Number of teams 14
Current champion Sinhalese Sports Club (31st title)
Most successful Sinhalese Sports Club (31 titles)
2013–14 Premier Trophy

The Premier Trophy is the main domestic first-class cricket competition in Sri Lanka. It was established in 1938 and has existed under a number of different names. Matches before the 1988-89 season are not considered first-class.[1]

Current teams[edit]

After the 2012-13 season the number of teams was reduced from 20 to 14. Burgher Recreation Club, Galle Cricket Club, Kurunegala Youth Cricket Club, Lankan Cricket Club, Saracens Sports Club and Sri Lanka Navy Sports Club lost their places.

In 2013-14 the following teams participated:[2]

Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club
Panadura Sports Club
Ragama Cricket Club
Sinhalese Sports Club
Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club
Sri Lanka Ports Authority Cricket Club
Chilaw Marians Cricket Club

Colts Cricket Club
Sri Lanka Army Sports Club
Moors Sports Club
Sri Lanka Air Force Sports Club
Nondescripts Cricket Club
Colombo Cricket Club
Badureliya Sports Club

In 2014-15 Saracens Sports Club returned, replacing Panadura.

List of winners[edit]

Daily News Trophy
1938 Kalutara Town Club
1938–39 Sinhalese Sports Club
1939–40 Sinhalese Sports Club
1940–41 Saracens Sports Club
1941–42 No competition
1942–43 No competition
1943–44 Sinhalese Sports Club
1944–45 Sinhalese Sports Club
1945–46 Tamil Union C & A Club
1946–47 Sinhalese Sports Club
1947–48 Sinhalese Sports Club
1948–49 Sinhalese Sports Club
1949–50 Sinhalese Sports Club
P Saravanamuttu Trophy
1950–51 Tamil Union C & A Club
1951–52 Sinhalese Sports Club
1952–53 Nondescripts Cricket Club
1953–54 Nondescripts Cricket Club
1954–55 Nondescripts Cricket Club
1955–56 Burgher Recreation Club
1956–57 Nondescripts Cricket Club
1957–58 Nondescripts Cricket Club
1958–59 Sinhalese Sports Club
1959–60 Sinhalese Sports Club
1960–61 Nondescripts Cricket Club
1961–62 Sinhalese Sports Club
1962–63 University
1963–64 Bloomfield C & AC
1964–65 Nomads Sports Club
1965–66 No competition
1966–67 Sinhalese Sports Club
1967–68 Nomads Sports Club
1968–69 Sinhalese Sports Club
1969–70 Nondescripts Cricket Club
1970–71 Nondescripts Cricket Club
1971–72 Sinhalese Sports Club
1972–73 Sinhalese Sports Club
1973–74 Sinhalese Sports Club
1974–75 Sinhalese Sports Club
1975–76 Nondescripts Cricket Club
Robert Senanayake Trophy
1976–77 Nondescripts Cricket Club
1977–78 Sinhalese Sports Club
1978–79 Nondescripts Cricket Club
1979–80 Colombo Cricket Club
1980–81 Bloomfield C & AC
1981–82 Bloomfield C & AC
Lakspray Trophy
1982–83 Bloomfield C & AC
1983–84 Sinhalese Sports Club
1984–85 Colombo Cricket Club
1985–86 Sinhalese Sports Club & Nondescripts Cricket Club
1986–87 Sinhalese Sports Club
1987–88 Colombo Cricket Club
1988–89 Nondescripts Cricket Club & Sinhalese Sports Club (inaugural first-class season)
1989–90 Sinhalese Sports Club
1990–91 Sinhalese Sports Club
P Saravanamuttu Trophy
1991–92 Colts Cricket Club
1992–93 Sinhalese Sports Club
1993–94 Nondescripts Cricket Club
1994–95 Sinhalese Sports Club and Bloomfield C & AC
1995–96 Colombo Cricket Club
1996–97 Bloomfield C & AC
1997–98 Sinhalese Sports Club
Premier Trophy
1998–99 Bloomfield C & AC
1999–00 Colts Cricket Club
2000–01 Nondescripts Cricket Club
2001–02 Colts Cricket Club
2002–03 Moors Sports Club
2003–04 Bloomfield C & AC
2004–05 Colts Cricket Club
2005–06 Sinhalese Sports Club
2006–07 Colombo Cricket Club
2007–08 Sinhalese Sports Club
2008–09 Colts Cricket Club
2009–10 Chilaw Marians Cricket Club
2010–11 Bloomfield C & AC
2011–12 Colts Cricket Club
2012–13 Sinhalese Sports Club
2013–14 Nondescripts Cricket Club
2014–15 Sri Lanka Ports Authority Cricket Club

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  • Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 2006


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