Premier of Nunavut

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Premier of Nunavut
Joe Savikataaq

since June 14, 2018
Style The Honourable
Appointer Commissioner of Nunavut, on the recommendation of the Legislative Assembly
Inaugural holder Paul Okalik
Formation 1 April 1999

The Premier of Nunavut is the first minister for the Canadian territory of Nunavut. The Premier is the territory's head of government and de facto chief executive, although their powers are somewhat smaller than those of a provincial premier.

Unlike most other premiers who are officially appointed by a Lieutenant-Governor or Commissioner on account of their leadership of a majority bloc in the legislature, the premier of Nunavut (and the cabinet) is directly elected by the non-partisan members of the Legislative Assembly, in accordance with the system of consensus government. He is then formally appointed by the Commissioner of Nunavut, who is bound to act on the Assembly's recommendation by both the Nunavut Act and convention.[1][2]

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