Premiere (video game)

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Premiere box art.jpg
Cover artwork for the Amiga ECS/OCS release.
Developer(s) The 8th Day[1]
Publisher(s) Core Design[1]
Producer(s) Jeremy Heath-Smith
Programmer(s) Daniel Scott
Artist(s) Jerr O'Carroll
Composer(s) Martin Iveson
Platform(s) Amiga[2]
Amiga CD32[1]
Release 1992[2]
Genre(s) Platform[1]

Premiere is a side-scrolling platform video game, which Core Design published for the Amiga in 1992 and Amiga CD32 in 1994.[1][2]

The player takes the role of Clutch, a young film editor, who had the reels for his film stolen from him on the night before the film's premiere. The goal is to get to six different levels, represented as movie sets, and return the film.


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