Premio Iberoamericano Planeta-Casa de América de Narrativa

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Premio Iberoamericano Planeta-Casa de América de Narrativa was a Latin American Spanish language literary award.[1] The winner received US$200,000 making it one of the richest literary prizes in the world.[2] Beyond the large endowment, the award was also notable for the large number of books which were judged; in 2010 over 600 books entered the award, far surpassing the approximately 120 books which entered the Man Booker Prize, for example.[2][3]

The first award was in 2007. It was given annually, generally in March, in a Latin American capital that was designated each year.[1] The Prize was for an unpublished text written in Spanish, and had an endowment of $200,000 for the winner and $50,000 for the runner-up.[1] The goal of the award was to promote Spanish-language fiction in all Latin American countries.[1] The prize was sponsored by Grupo Planeta, one of the largest publishers in the world.[1] The jury was composed of five members: one representative of each of the two convening entities (Editorial Planeta and Casa de América) and three personalities in the world of Latin American literature.[1]

The 2010 Prize, that was to be given in Valparaíso, Chile, was suspended because of the 2010 Chile earthquake.[4] In 2011 there was no runner-up prize. After 2012, the prize was canceled.

Winners and runner(s)-up[edit]

  • Blue Ribbon (Blue ribbon) = winner
    • Runner(s)-up

2007 Bogotá, Colombia

2008 Buenos Aires, Argentina

2009 Mexico City, Mexico

2010 Valparaíso, Chile

2011 Santiago, Chile[3]

2012 Madrid, Spain[5]


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