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Premios Gardel a la Música (Gardel Awards)
21st Annual Gardel Awards
Los Totora Gardel.jpg
Awarded forOutstanding achievements in the Argentine record industry market
Presented byCAPIF
First awarded1999 (1999)
WebsitePremios Gardel

The Premios Gardel a la Música (or more commonly, the Premios Gardel, or, in English, the Gardel Awards) are Argentina's annual music industry awards presented by (CAPIF), the Argentine Chamber of Phonograms and Videograms Producers (Spanish: Cámara Argentina de Productores de Fonogramas y Videogramas).[1] According to the CAPIF website (April 2019), "The awards distinguish the best of Argentine music, recognizing the talent of Argentine artists in diverse genres and categories".[1] The honorees are chosen by a jury consisting of musicians, journalists and other members of the media, event producers, sound engineers, and personalities linked to music.[1] The awards are the Argentine equivalent of the American Grammy Awards[2] and the British BRIT Awards. The Premios Gardel have been described as the "most important prize in the country's music business".[3]


The awards are named after Carlos Gardel, one of Argentina's earliest and most well-known popular music performers.[4] The awards were organized by CAPIF with the first ceremony held in 1999 for music released between June 1, 1997, and November 30, 1998.[4] The jury for the first awards comprised 500 members.[4]

In 2003, the voting committee was made "truly independent from the record companies, whose staffs can no longer vote," according to then-CAPIF executive director, Gabriel Salcedo.[3] The jury increased to 1,500 members, including artists, producers, and journalists of "every musical genre".[3] In the past, the Gardels were viewed as a "pat on the back" from the industry to its favorite, best-selling artists, but the revamped voting was viewed as giving transparency to the selection process and a new-found credibility to the awards themselves.[3]


The first awards in 1999 were presented in 25 categories.[4]

Categories - 1999[4][edit]

Argentine Music Latin Music Mercosur Music Special Awards
Best Female Pop Album Best Female Artist Album Best Artist Album Distinguished Career
Best Male Pop Album Best Male Artist Album Golden Gardel (Gardel de Oro)
Best Pop Group Album Best Pop Group Album
Best Rock Artist Album Best Rock Group Album
Best Rock Group Album Best New Artist Album
Best Folklore Album Album of the Year
Best Tango Album
Best Tropical/Bailanta Album
Best Tropical/Bailanta Group Album
Best Children's Album
Song of the Year
Best Producer
Best New Artist
Best Video
Best Video Director
Album of the Year

In 2004, the Personality of the Year Award was inaugurated, with the winner determined by a special committee.[3] The first winner of this award was Argentine singer-songwriter-musician Diego Torres.[3]

By 2005, awards were presented in 30 categories, including two new ones, Music DVD and Recording Engineer.[3]

By 2010, awards were presented in 35 categories.[5]

By 2019, awards were presented in 45 categories.[6]

Categories - 2019[7][edit]

Best Female Pop Artist Album Best Female Folklore Artist Album Best Tropical Group Album Best Urban/Trap Music Album Best Song - Duet/Collaboration
Best Male Pop Artist Album Best Male Folklore Artist Album Best Cuarteto Artist Album Best Urban/Trap Music Collaboration Song of the Year
Best Pop Group Album Best Folklore Group Album Best Cuarteto Group Album Best Film/Television Soundtrack Album Best New Artist
Best Alternative Pop Album Best Alternative Folklore Album Best Romantic/Melodic Artist Album Best Concept Album Recording of the Year
Best Female Rock Artist Album Best Chamamé Album Best Singer-Songwriter Artist Album Best Boxed Set Album of the Year (Gardel de Oro)
Best Male Rock Artist Album Best Female Tango Artist Album Best Children's Album Best Cover Design
Best Rock Group Album Best Male Tango Artist Album Best Classical Music Album Best Short Video
Best Alternative Rock Album Best Tango and/or Instrumental Orchestra or Group Album Best Jazz Album Best Long Video
Best Hard Rock/Punk Album Best Female Tropical Artist Album Best Instrumental/Fusion/World Music Album Recording Engineer
Best Electronic Music Album Best Male Tropical Artist Album Best Reggae/Ska Album Production of the Year

Gardel de Oro[edit]

The most important prize awarded is the Gardel de Oro (Golden Gardel),[1] which, since 2003, is given to a person who wins the Album of the Year.[8] The Gardel de Oro has been given annually since the Premios Gardel were inaugurated in 1999.[9]

The following Gardels de Oro have been awarded since 1999:[9]

Year Awarded Recipient
1999 Sandro
2000 Mercedes Sosa
2001 León Gieco
2002 Charly García
2003 Charly García
2004 Babasónicos
2005 Bersuit
2006 Andrés Calamaro
2007 Gustavo Cerati
2008 Andrés Calamaro
2009 Luis Alberto Spinetta
2010 Gustavo Cerati
2011 Divididos
2012 Escalandrum
2013 Abel Pintos
2014 Abel Pintos
2015 Axel
2016 Luis Alberto Spinetta
2017 Abel Pintos
2018 Charly García
2019 Marilina Bertoldi


The first awards ceremony was held at the Teatro Coliseo in Buenos Aires on April 14, 1999.[4]

Television broadcast[edit]

Prior to 2005, the awards ceremony aired live on Argentine TV network Canal 13.[3] In 2005, the broadcast moved to TV network Telefe.[3] In 2018, Televisión Pública Argentina began broadcasting the awards ceremony.[10]

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