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Premium AEROTEC GmbH
Revenue€1.5 billion in 2012[1]
Number of employees
Over 6000[2] Edit this on Wikidata
Premium AEROTEC factory in Nordenham
Aerial view of Premium Aerotec in Nordenham (May 2012)

Premium AEROTEC is an aerospace manufacturing business, headquartered in Augsburg in Germany. It is a subsidiary of Airbus.


Premium AEROTEC started as a division of EADS;[3] it was spun off as a wholly owned subsidiary in September 2008.[4]

Aerotec has factories in:

The Varel and Nordenham sites were former Airbus factories; the Augsburg site belonged to EADS Military Air Systems.


Premium AEROTEC is a tier-one supplier to Airbus; it produces metal components for all Airbus airliners[2] and also award-winning titanium parts for the Airbus A400M[8]

Large composite parts are also made:[3]

Other customers are being actively sought;[13] Premium Aerotec is positioning itself as a Tier One supplier.[14]

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