Premium Plus

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Premium Plus
Nabisco Original Premium saltine crackers 1.jpg
Alternative names Mr Christie Premium Plus crackers (Canada)
Type Cracker
Place of origin United States
Region or state North America
Created by Nabisco
Main ingredients enriched wheat flour (or whole wheat flour) soya bean oil, salt, malted barley flour, yeast, protease, sour dough culture[1]
Food energy
(per serving)
0.09 (7 crackers) kcal
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Premium is a brand of soda cracker produced by Nabisco. It is known as Premium Plus in Canada.

It is currently sold in these flavours: Unsalted (Original), Salted, Five Grain, and Whole Wheat.[2]

Crackers are square in shape but round versions have been marketed as well.[3]


The crackers are sold in boxes (row of crackers in sealed bags) for retail sale or individual handy pack bags of 4 crackers for retail sale and institutional use. Occasionally the crackers are sold tin cans.

Boxes are red in Canada and white in the US.