Premutos: The Fallen Angel

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Premutos: The Fallen Angel
Premutos DVD Cover.jpg
Directed by Olaf Ittenbach
Produced by Olaf Ittenbach
Michael Müller
André Stryi
Written by Olaf Ittenbach
Music by A.G. Striedl
Cinematography Michael Müller
Edited by Ulf Albert
IMAS Filmproduktion
Release date
  • 1997 (1997)
Running time
106 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Premutos: The Fallen Angel (German: Premutos - Der gefallene Engel) is a 1997 comedy horror splatter film written by, directed by, and starring Olaf Ittenbach. The film follows the carnage that ensues when a man accidentally resurrects Premutos, an evil fallen angel who takes over his body and then proceeds to summon an army of the living dead to do his bidding.

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