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The Prendergast Ministry was the 43rd ministry of the Government of Victoria. It was led by the Premier of Victoria, George Prendergast, of the Australian Labor Party. The ministry was sworn in on 18 July 1924.[1][2] On 12 November 1924, a motion of no-confidence in the Prendergast government was proposed in the Legislative Assembly by John Allan, leader of the Country Party—the motion was carried 34 votes to 28, defeating the government. Allan and his ministry were sworn in on 18 November.[3]


Office Minister


The Hon George Prendergast, MLA

Chief Secretary

The Hon Tom Tunnecliffe, MLA

Minister of Education
Minister of Labour

The Hon John Lemmon, MLA

Minister of Agriculture
Minister of Railways
Vice-President of the Board of Land and Works

The Hon Edmond Hogan, MLA

President of the Board of Land and Works
Commissioner of Crown Lands and Survey
Minister of Water Supply

The Hon Henry Bailey, MLA


The Hon William Slater, MLA

Commissioner of Public Works
Minister of Public Health
Minister in Charge of Immigration
Vice-President of the Board of Land and Works

The Hon John Percy Jones, MLC

Minister of Mines
Minister of Forests
Vice-President of the Board of Land and Works

The Hon Daniel McNamara, MLC

Ministers without Portfolio

The Hon John Cain, MLA
The Hon Gordon Webber, MLA
The Hon William Beckett, MLC


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