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Private Company
Founded 2003
Headquarters London
New York City
San Francisco
Hong Kong
Key people
Mark O'Hare
Products Research & Data
Number of employees

Preqin is a source of data and intelligence for the alternative assets industry. Preqin's data and analysis is available via online databases, publications and research reports. Its data and statistics are regularly quoted by the financial press.[1]. Some of Preqin's data competitors include Capital IQ, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, and Pitchbook Media.

Company history[edit]

Preqin traces its roots back to 2003, when the company was launched with the name Private Equity Intelligence. It was founded by Nick Arnott and Mark O'Hare. Private equity represented the sole area of focus for the company at the time. The first product launched by the firm was Performance Analyst, which uses the Freedom of Information Act legislation in the UK and US to gain performance data on private equity fund performance from public pension plans.[2] This made it possible to view fund performance data for thousands of private equity vehicles at the fund level. Other products providing a list of fund managers on the road seeking capital and a database of institutional investors active in private equity soon followed.

Preqin extended its scope to include real estate in 2006, hedge funds in 2007, infrastructure in 2008 and private debt in 2014. As a result of the change in focus from private equity to all alternative assets, the company changed its name to become formally known as Preqin in 2008.

Preqin is an independent business owned by its directors and employees.


Preqin's online platform provides a transparent, 360-degree view of every alternative asset class. Outside of filings and other sources in the public domain, Preqin's relationships with thousands of contacts across a plethora of diverse firm types active in alternatives allows Preqin Researchers to collect difficult to source industry data points such as net performance data for the private equity/venture capital, hedge fund, real estate, infrastructure, natural resources, and private debt asset classes, non-public LP and HF investor mandates, future plans, and current and target allocations, fundraising information, funds terms & conditions, service provider intel, investor-manager relationships, secondary transactions, and much more. Preqin representatives attend, and many times, present data and research findings at hundreds of industry events and conferences yearly. Preqin data and research is cited by top global financial press outlets up to several times a day, and appears in many diverse industry publications and academic research reports and journals. Aside from its subscription services and publications, Preqin releases research on a number of different topics that are used throughout the alternative assets industry.

Quarterly fundraising[edit]

Preqin releases quarterly fundraising data for the private equity industry,[3] real estate industry,[4] and infrastructure industry[5] showing how much capital has been raised by how many funds. In addition it also releases information for fundraising on specific topics.[6] Preqin's fundraising statistics account for funds on a global scale, and are widely used throughout the alternatives industry and in the financial press as a barometer for investor appetite.[7][8] Preqin also releases figures for the number of funds currently on the road seeking capital at any time. These figures give an indication of how congested the private equity market is at any given time—whether there are enough funds on the road to satisfy investor demand, or too many funds causing increased competition.[9]

Performance research[edit]

Preqin uses its databases of alternative assets returns information to produce research on the industry’s performance. It regularly releases performance benchmarks for each alternative asset class, and publishes research in response to trends and news in the industry. In July 2016, it released data showing the potential impact of the UK’s Brexit referendum result on the performance of alternative assets in the country[10]. It also regularly releases estimates of the assets under management of alternative assets firms, and comparisons of public and private market performance.

Fund Manager and Investor surveys[edit]

Preqin carries out surveys to investors and fund managers to establish trends in the industry.

Hedge fund investor research[edit]

Preqin releases information quarterly, regarding investors in hedge funds.

Research availability[edit]

Preqin releases its free research via its monthly [11] newsletters. These are sent out on a monthly basis to subscribers via pdf. Current circulation of Spotlight newsletters and Preqin research is in excess of 45,000. Subscription is free on Preqin's website. Preqin also maintains a database of past [12] papers, which is also available on its website.

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