Presa Sangregado Dam

Coordinates: 10°28′30″N 84°45′40″W / 10.475°N 84.761°W / 10.475; -84.761
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Presa Sangregado Dam (also known as Arenal Dam and Sangregado Dam) is a high-earthen hydroelectric dam on the south-east shore of Lake Arenal in the Guanacaste Province of northwest Costa Rica. The dam is 288 feet (88 m) and 184 feet (56 m) high.[1] The installed hydroelectric capacity is 157 megawatts[citation needed]. The hydroelectric power plant is operated by Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad.[2]

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10°28′30″N 84°45′40″W / 10.475°N 84.761°W / 10.475; -84.761