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Industry Modeling and simulation
Founded Montreal, Quebec, Canada (2007)
Headquarters Montreal, Canada
Parent CAE Inc.

Presagis is a provider of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) modeling, simulation, and embedded display graphics software. The company sells simulation, modeling, and virtual reality software to customers in the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries.


Presagis was formed following CAE’s acquisition of three companies: Engenuity Technologies, MultiGen-Paradigm, and TERREX.[1] Product brands such as Creator, STAGE, Terra Vista, VAPS and Vega Prime, as well as industry accepted standards including OpenFlight and TerraPage, are long standing legacies of these companies.


Presagis software used by such companies as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, SAAB, BAE Systems, CAE, Thales, and Northrop Grumman[citation needed].

Presagis develops software for developing content creation, visualization, simulation, and embedded graphics applications.


Presagis offers COTS software for developing modeling & simulation and embedded graphics applications. Products include STAGE, Creator, Terra Vista, Vega Prime, and VAPS XT.

Content Creation Products[edit]

  • Creator: Creation of real-time 3D content for use in visual and urban simulations
  • Terra Vista: Production of correlated terrain databases for visual, sensor, and SAF/CGF applications.

Visualization Products[edit]

  • Vega Prime: Creation and deployment of visual simulation, multi-domain simulation, and general visualization applications.

Simulation Products[edit]

  • STAGE: Development of scenarios that include positioning forces, creating routes and waypoints, and assigning tasks or plans.
  • FlightSIM/HeliSIM: Reconfigurable Six Degrees Of Freedom (6DOF) flight model for creating PC-based fixed/rotary wing flight simulations.

Embedded Graphics Products[edit]

HMI and graphics modeling tools for embedded systems:

  • VAPS XT: A flexible C++ object-oriented HMI modeling tool. The ARINC 661 plugin support ARINC 661 development.
  • VAPS XT-178: VAPS XT DO-178B qualifiable version, including DO-178B ARINC 661 development.
  • VAPS QCG: A DO-178 qualifiable code generator for VAPS applications

Embedded graphics drivers:

  • SeaWind: Drivers for a wide set of embedded platforms
  • SeaWind-178: DO-178B certifiable drivers


Common industry formats used and/or stewarded by Presagis:


OpenFlight is a widely adopted 3D Visualization format for real-time 3D visualization. It was originally developed by MultiGen-Paradigm (now Presagis) in response to a need for database transportability within the visual simulation community. Military visual simulation includes battle simulation, fighter jet flight simulation, and tank simulation. Visual simulation also includes geospecific terrain for accurate realtime fly through of regions of the planet. The OpenFlight standard is managed and supported by Presagis.


TerraPage was developed in 1998 by TERREX (now in Presagis) to address the key market requirement for an open standard for terrain database paging. TerraPage is a Presagis-developed and supported on-disk format designed for large area terrain and texture paging. In addition to providing access to large spatial terrain databases, this standard also fulfills the role of an optimized disk format for visual systems that may not already have one.

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