Presbyterian Church in Japan

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Presbyterian Church in Japan
Classification Protestant
Orientation conservative Calvinist
Theology Reformed, Evangelical
Governance Presbyterian
Associations Japan Evangelical Association[1]
Region in 13 Prefectures in Japan
Origin 1993
Merger of the unification of the Christian Reformed Church in Japan and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Japan to form PCJ
Congregations 67
Members 2000–3000

The Presbyterian Church in Japan is a growing conservative Reformed denomination in Japan, founded by American missionaries in the mid-1900s.


In the years after World War II, Japanese missionaries and the forerunner of the Presbyterian Church in America evangelists created what is today the Japan Presbyterian Church.[1]

The denomination was a result of two Presbyterian denominations in Japan. The Christian Presbyterian Church in Japan founded in 1956 and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Japan founded in 1979 begun collaborating in 1980, and united in 1993.[2] The Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions of planted some churches after the Second World War, and helped establish a Seminary. This become the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Japan. When the PCA merged with the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod the missionaries begun assist the PCJ.[3][4]

The church had 50 congregations and 2,000 members in 3 Presbyteries in 2004. The Westminster Confession of Faith is the official confession.[2]

As of 2013 the denomination is present in 13 Prefectures, in Ibaraki Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo Prefecture, Kanagawa, Yamanashi Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture, Mie Prefecture, Ishikawa Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, Kagawa Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Tokushima Prefecture.[5]

There are church planting movements in several Japanese cities, including Nagoya,[6] Chiba, Osaka and Tokyo.



The church maintains theological training two institutes:

  • Christ Bible Institute [1]
  • Christ Bible Seminary.[2][9]


The Presbyterian Church in Japan has now 6 Presbyteries and 2,200 regularly worshiping members in 67 congregations.[10][11] The six Presbyteries are Tokyo, Central, Western, Dongguan Higashikana, Musashi and Kanagawa Presbyteries. The Japan Presbyterian Church is among the few Christian denomination that growing in Japan.[12] While other missions are shrinking, the PCA mission of the Japanese Presbyterian Church is growing rapidly.[13] The PCA supports the Christ Bible Institute and the Church planting Institute.[14][15] The Presbyterian Church in America supports short-term missionaries for over 27 years.[16]

Partner churches[edit]

Partner churches are the Presbyterian Church in America and the Presbyterian Church of Australia, these denominations aim to plant churches and form Presbytery in Chiba Prefecture. In 1989 3 pastors in the Presbyterian Church in Japan invited the PCA missionaries to serve in Japan to build a Presbytery. The Presbyterian Church in Japan is among the few denominations that are growing in the country.[17][18]

The church maintains close relationships also with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Presbyterian Church in Korea (Koshin).[1]


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