Presbyterian Church in Korea (HapDongChunTong)

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The Presbyterian Church in Korea (HapDongChunTong) other name is the Presbyterian Church in Korea (HapDongJeongTong) is strong Presbyterian Reformed denomintion in South Korea, originated in the mainline and non-mainline division in 1979. In 1980 the non-mainline group founded the HapDongJinRi. One year later some members joined the YunHap section. The founding date of the denomination is in 1982, when these 2 group united and formed the current denomination. It's growing rapidly by evangelism and integrating other small groups. In 2004 it has 611,000 members and 1,700 congregations 39 presbyteries and a General Assembly. Total ordinated clergy is 2,905. There's no women ordination. The denomination adheres to the Apostles Creed and Westminster Confession of Faith.[1]

Member denomination of the World Communion of Reformed Churches.[2]

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