Presbyterian Church in Korea (BaekSeok)

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Presbyterian Church in Korea
Hangul 대한예수교장로회(백석)
Hanja 大韓예수敎長老會(白石)
Revised Romanization Daehan yesugyo jangnohoe Baekseok
McCune–Reischauer Taehan yesugyo changnohoe Paeksŏk
Alternative name
Hangul 대한예수교장로회(합동정통)
Hanja 大韓예수敎長老會(合同正統)
Revised Romanization Daehan yesugyo jangnohoe Hapdong jeongtong
McCune–Reischauer Taehan yesugyo changnohoe Haptong chŏngt'ong

The Presbyterian Church in Korea (HapDongChungTong) other name is the Presbyterian Church in Korea (HapDongJeongTong) is strong Presbyterian Reformed denomintion in South Korea, originated in the mainline and non-mainline division in 1979. In 1980 the non-mainline group founded the HapDongJinRi. One year later some members joined the YunHap section. The founding date of the denomination is in 1982, when these 2 group united and formed the current denomination. It's growing rapidly by evangelism and integrating other small groups. In 2004 it has 611,000 members and 1,700 congregations 39 presbyteries and a General Assembly. Total ordinated clergy is 2,905. There's no women ordination. The denomination adheres to the Apostles Creed and Westminster Confession of Faith.[1]

Member denomination of the World Communion of Reformed Churches.[2]

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