Presbyterian Church in Korea (JaeGun)

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This church is also known as the Korean Presbyterian Reconstruction Church. This denomination represents the most radical approach to the issue of shrine worship. After the liberation Reconstruction movement took place within the established church, and through an act of repentance of all pastors who had worshipped the shrine, and finally formed these segments a reconstruction church. These movements was started in the North and South. In the Korean War, the movement in the North suffered oppression from the Communists. They moved to the South and united with the church in the South, but this didn't last long. In 1954 the General assembly decided to ordain women both in the ministry and to leadership. The decision led to dissension. In 1955 the General Assembly confirmed the decision and dismissed the opposing segments. In 1959 it adopted the current name. It adheres to the Apostles Creed and Westminster Confession. In 2004 it had about 23,600 members in 113 congregations.[1]